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Email Marketing Tips - How To Start Your Own Opt In List-----

Having your own opt in list is essential if you want to succeed on the internet. Its common knowledge that email marketing is one of the most reliable ways of generating consistent free targeted traffic for your website.

Once you have your own responsive opt in list it can open up a variety of different opportunities, such as selling advertising space and setting up joint ventures with other list owners.

The first thing you need to do is collect email addresses from your visitors and you can do this by offering a free report or starting a newsletter using an auto responder, allowing you to set up a series of messages that will be sent out automatically on your behalf on a timeframe you specify.

Its important to choose the most reliable auto responder at the start because it can be very stressful and time consuming to transfer your opt in list from one place to another.

For best results you should not use a free auto responder service because advertisements will be added to all your outgoing emails. You will have no control over which ads are shown and this will distract your subscribers and dramatically reduce the response rates to your emails.

You can either pay a monthly fee and use a third party hosted auto responder service like Aweber or Get Response, or you can pay a one time fee and install an auto responder script like Auto Response Plus on your domain.

The problem with auto responder scripts is that the number of subscribers you can store will be limited depending on how much disk space you have with your hosting plan, and you will also need to backup your list on a regular basis in case a problem occurs and all of the information is lost.

Its much easier and safer to use a third party hosted auto responder service because you will not have to worry about installing a script and your subscribers will be stored securely on a dedicated server with no limits.

Its essential that you focus on one specific topic for your opt in list as this will dramatically increase your response rates. You need to create a landing page consisting of a short sales letter that encourages visitors to subscribe, and a subscription form that allows visitors to enter their name and email address. You should also offer some quality bonus gifts to increase your conversion rates.

Double opt in lists are becoming more popular because they provide extra security as subscribers must confirm their email address, but many people will forget to complete this confirmation which results in fewer active subscribers so you may prefer to use the single opt in feature.

Once you have set up your landing page and follow up messages you will need to start sending visitors to your website. Submitting content to article directories and writing press releases are the most effective ways of generating unlimited free targeted traffic.

E-Mail Marketing Turns Small Biz Into Big Biz-----

Small businesses- from florists to realtors-are quickly catching on that e-mail marketing can be an effective way to quickly reach thousands of customers inexpensively.

E-mail marketing refers to the communications that businesses have with current customers who have given permission to receive e-mails about special offers and new products or services. By categorizing customers by their buying preferences and creating e-mail offers that address those preferences, a small business can personalize their marketing for the cost of a mouse click.

Instant Sales

E-mail marketing helps businesses create instant sales from existing customers. It also helps maintain and build long-lasting relationships with repeat customers, which are at the core of most successful businesses. And yet, in a recent poll conducted by research firm Greenfield Online (on behalf of FileMaker, Inc.), 49 percent of small businesses said they were not even considering e-mail marketing.

What is the other half of small businesses doing with e-mail marketing? Making money. For example, the Tara Bella Winery used e-mail marketing software based on FileMaker Pro to send an e-mail to its customers about a special wine package. Within 24 hours, they had sold out their inventory and grossed $8,500. They spent less than three hours writing the e-mail and sending it out

Almost any business can im-prove its profitability using e-mail marketing. Even nonprofits are using e-mail marketing for fund-raising. New database software and the Internet have made it quite inexpensive and, now, easy to do. All you need is a Windows or Macintosh computer, an Internet connection, an e-mail account and easy-to-use database software such as FileMaker Pro. In some instances, the rewards of your first successful e-mail campaign can even pay for these affordable technology tools.

Free 46-Page Guide

But to make the most of your e-mail marketing, you'll want to do it efficiently and effectively, using the right tools the right way.

A free 46-page guide is now available that helps first-timers and experienced e-mail marketers develop and execute an effective e-mail campaign with customers. Titled How to Start Email Marketing in 10 Easy Steps, the how-to guide can be downloaded from

The guide takes you through each of the key steps, from building your customer e-mail list and selecting the right customers for a specific e-mail to writing the e-mail and sending it out.

A Toast-One company sent an e-mail to customers about a special wine package and sold out.

Email Miscommunication is Too Easy!====

We misinterpret, filter, or change 70% to 90% of what we hear. Communicating messages clearly, and in a format that the receiver will understand, is difficult. It’s easy to miscommunicate. By watching which words you choose, your message will be more clearly communicated.


Why does all this confusion occur? One of the many reasons is that people suffer from information overload. They simply can’t process everything they receive via email – nor do they really want to.

As much as you would like them to, recipients of your email messages don’t give every message they receive from you their undivided attention. In reality, people read email quickly; they do other tasks while they read email (such as talking on the telephone); and they ignore messages altogether.

Even under the best conditions, it’s easy for the information you send to become distorted. You don’t want to complicate matters by sending email messages loaded with technical terms or industry-specific jargon that would require the reader to decipher the language before he/she can even begin to use the data.


Here’s an example of how easy it is to miscommunicate. Even when people are saying the exact same things, they can say them in such a way that they cannot understand each other. Have you ever done this?


The following are familiar sayings you have heard many times. However, the wording in this example is different. Can you re-phrase these statements using more familiar language?

1. Compute not your immature gallinaceans prior to their being produced.

2. Pulchritude does not extend below the surface of the derma.

3. You cannot estimate the value of the contents of a bound, printed narrative from its exterior vesture.

4. One may address a member of the Equidea family toward aqueous liquid, but one is incapable of compelling him to quaff.


1. Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched.

2. Beauty is only skin deep.

3. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

4. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

By using language that’s easy to understand, you’ll leave a positive impression on those around you – customers, staff, and coworkers.

Email Newsletter Templates: HTML====

Looking for free HTML newsletter templates to send by email?

If you can find one that works for you, it's a great idea. You'll save time and money, and perhaps get a better design than you would if you created your own.

A number of online sites do offer free HTML email templates, and to find them just type in the phrase "free templates" or variations at any major search engine or directory. Follow the links and take a look at what's offered.

In many cases, you'll find that the designers hope to upsell you to a paid version of the template with more features, and that's okay. Without those paid versions, there won't be free templates for long. The best bet is to work with a free version first, and if it meets your basic needs, then upgrade to the paid version when the time is right for you.

In addition to finding a design you like, you'll also need to play around with the template to make sure you can work with it easily and effectively. In my experience, some otherwise fine free templates are too difficult to work with, and therefore out of contention.

And, plan on spending a few hours looking for, and testing, templates. In addition to the existence of many sites, there's also time needed to download the code and play around with it. When we do this, of course, we begin to wonder if perhaps a low-cost template might be a better idea than a free template, and that widens the scope again.

Now, if you didn't find a template that fits your vision for your newsletter, you can look for examples among other newsletters. Subscribe to a number of newsletters that serve the same target audience as you do, and see what they're doing. You can find other newsletters by doing a search for "newsletter directory" in one of the search engines.

Use one of those designs as a starting point. You can either do the design yourself, or hire a web designer to create one for you. Please note: I did say use these designs as a starting point. If you take someone else's design without permission, that could be construed as theft, and be far more trouble than developing your own design.

Email Newsletter Templates: Text===

Thinking about an email newsletter or an online newsletter, and wondering about a template? In the case of a text newsletter, creating or finding a template is quite straightforward.

It's the basic approach to email newsletters, and easy for just about anyone who can type (even with just two fingers).

This approach works well for newsletters that emphasize content. For example, I've written and published Abbott's Communication Letter online continuously since 1999 and throughout most of its history I've used text. I did try HTML formats a few times, but without much success (at least not enough to compensate for the extra time and trouble involved).

With a text email newsletter, you simply need to decide whether you want to distinguish among the sections (for example, editorial content from advertising). If you do want to set the sections apart from each other, simply use one of the common separator techniques (repeating any key that's not a number or letter).

For example, here's a space/period/space separator:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And here's an example using just the plus sign

Normally, you would leave a blank line before and after the separator line to make your email newsletter easier to read.

As an alternative, you can also alert readers to new sections by putting the headline in ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS. In a test several years ago, I found this increased the number of click-throughs on the ads, and so I've generally carried on the practice (using both all-caps and separator lines.

Of course, having put the ad headline in all-caps, I also put the newsletter name, editorial headlines, and administrative information headlines in all-caps as well. Just for the sake of consistency, and to help readers easily navigate the different sections.

There's one more format issue we need to tackle before turning our collection of format techniques into a template. That's setting a line length. Because of the many variations in email readers, we can't be sure subscribers will see what we see. So, the standard is to wrap the text (put a hard return) after 60 to 65 characters. If your newsletter's not too long, you can do this manually by setting the page width of your document to the appropriate distance and then hitting the Enter key at the end of each line. If you have a longer newsletter, you might want to use one of the automatic format tools available on the Internet.

This ensures an even, easily readable line length; that's important because studies show reading grows increasing difficult as lines get longer. It also means some subscribers won't end up with each paragraph being one really long line (they probably will just delete your newsletter, rather than try to read it).

Note, though, that you won't be able to add line length to your template; it's something you'll have to for each issue. In my newsletter, the material above and below the ads and editorial content do provide a template of sorts, reminding me to make each line 65 characters.

Once you've finalized your format, simply save a copy of the newsletter (without the editorial and advertising content) to create a template. Then with each new issue, you simply open the template, add new content, and save the file with another name.

So, for example, you might save the template file as, "My Email Newsletter Template" and the current issue as "June 15 Email Newsletter"

If you want some ideas on text formats and templates, simply go to a search engine and look for other text newsletters. You might do this by entering the name of a subject and the word newsletter. For example, "Jack Russell Terrier" + "newsletter". Choose a subject that interests you and you'll get some useful information as well as ideas for your email newsletter template.

Email Search? What The….?===

I am writing this article with no background whatsoever in its topic. I really have no idea what an email search really is and so in the next few paragraphs I will consider what I can be as well as the utility of such a thing.

Email search… …well I guess it could be a new computer users search for the ever elusive email account of their own. But then again this person would literally have to be senseless because everyone and their brother is bombarded with offers for free email accounts from all manner of connections including your magazine subscription, your church, your school, your favorite restaurant etc. So if it is really someone looking for an inbox of there own it is more a “weed-out” than a search because you will do more turning down of offers than searching them out.

So what else could it be? Well here maybe is a more legitimate possibility, especially as the computer age completely overtakes us. Rather than doing a snail mail address search, or a phone number search, maybe an email search is the hunt that we all do when we want to contact somebody but don’t know how. I know for a fact that I find email way more convenient to use as a line of communication than the other two aforementioned modes and so if I wanted to make a connection with someone for some reason or other I may just get on the internet and look for a way to find their email address. In fact I have done this many a time when searching for a way to get a hold of a classmate or a professor on my school’s web page.

An email search could also be an effort to locate talent, or a long lost or newly discovered relative, over the email. It could be the search for a lost email that wound up not getting to its intended recipient, it could be investigative work that is looking high an low for an email that contains something really incriminating. It could be a hunt for a list of potential customers for a certain product that will allow the salesman to carry out an email campaign to this list of a targeted audience so that he can increase his sales ratio. Couldn’t it?

Well I am glad that this email search article is coming to a close because I am not sure that I could come up with any more possibilities for this elusive concept. And so with not really any sadness at all I will now give up and bring these sorry paragraphs to a close.

Email Spelling Tips & Proofreading====

As a professional business person, how do you want to be perceived? Even something as seemingly insignificant as spelling can determine whether others believe you’re competent or sloppy. Take a moment, and think about that.

Ask yourself, “Are my customers likely to want my services if I can’t be bothered with the details of spelling a word correctly?” The answer is no.

Okay, so your customers may not go running down the street to find someone else at the first sign of a misspelled word. However, misspellings and typos certainly don’t add to your credibility. Recognize that spelling counts.

Computer Spell Check Function
Since the advent of the spell check function on the computer, many people believe (incorrectly) that spelling skills are no longer necessary. Don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing wrong with using the spell checker. In fact, it’s a great device, and should be utilized all the time.

However, the intended use for this tool is for reference, not as your only source for catching errors. There’s only one acceptable tool for that—your brain. (Phooey! You were hoping I had a magic wand to wave over the email screen!)

Verify Versus Correct
Why do you need to know how to spell? Because you can use the wrong word for the occasion and still manage to spell that wrong word correctly. When this happens, the spell checker won’t recognize your error. The checker only verifies that words are spelled correctly. It doesn’t verify that you have used the proper word.

“Little” words in particular are notorious for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You should pay special attention to these potential hazards when typing.

Here are a few examples of pairs that are often mistaken for each other (and, hence, often missed when proofreading): “for” and “from”; “it,” “is,” and “if”; “you”
and “your.” Because your eyes sweep over them, these little words are easy to miss.

New Words
The spell checker also won’t correct new words. And, computers and technology have created a whole set of new words. You will need to know how to spell them when your spell checker spits them out.

A perfect example is the spelling of the hi-tech word “email.” In addition to that spelling, there are at least two other versions: “e-mail” and “e mail.” For this article, I chose “email” as the preferred spelling. Why?

There are three reasons. One, the word “email” is faster to type since there’s no hyphen and no space. Two, there are fewer opportunities to make typos if you aren’t typing a hyphen. Three, the word “email” simply appears neater and clearer.

If you still have any doubts about using your brain versus the spell checker, read the following humorous poem.

Spell Chequer Poem

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite
Its rare lea ever wrong.

Email Stationery===

Email Stationery is a new concept meant only for electronic mailing. The letters that are sent by email are generally written on plain canvas. To make them more effective and fun to read, stationery for emails is being used nowadays. Once installed, this Email Stationery becomes part of your virtual letter. It is used both for personal and business emails.

Using Email Stationery renders a personal touch to the message. For business emails, using stationery gives it a professional impact, especially if it contains the logo, address, signature and such details. Even business cards are being designed for electronic use to be sent via computer. Whatever Email Stationery a business is using, it should match with its printed one so as to not to confuse the recipients. When sending personal emails, there are lots of colorful designs available for different occasions. You could send a different one each time, but try to keep a signature, symbol, background or clipart constant in each email so that the recipient knows immediately it is from you.

Email Stationery design is more flexible than paper stationery. One could even have animation. When designing the Email Stationery, select the background first. It can be in any color and design. It could even be one of your favorite pictures. But carefully select the background, so it does not hamper in reading the text clearly. Around the text area, you could add some clipart and borders to give it even better visual impact. Finally, you should select the typefaces and font colors that go best with the designed email layout.

If you find it difficult to design your own Email Stationery, there are free ready-made downloads also available on the Internet. They are generally supported on Outlook, Outlook Express and Incredimail emailing software. Other email packages like Yahoo and Hotmail propagate the use of their own stationery. Most of the email stationeries can be viewed in the IE browser and not in Netscape. These Email Stationery files are stored as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language Files) within the computer. For professional-looking Email Stationery, it is advisable to seek help from a designer.


What is a email automatic responder?

If you run an online business or send a large amount of e-mail periodically you may have found if being a very tedious task. Email automatic responders called "autoresponders" eliminate this task completely. Well almost :)

Email automatic responders allow you to followup automatically with any prospect or lead automatically. This is very important if you offer a free discount, information or gift as a subscriber bonus. From here you are able to capitalize on the potential of your email automatic responder or autoresponder in the form of followup automation.

You can write a pre written e-mail series that automatically mails each customer or lead capture on an automated basis. As you can see this saves tons of time in planning. And more importantly, giving you exta time to plan or research other important strategies for your business.

Another great feature most email automatic responders offer are broadcasts. This is very important for a business to utilize. Broadcasts e-mail your whole database of subscribers with one click. This is very helpful if you run a bi weekly or monthly newsletter so that you can keep all subscribers in one area as opposed to opening another e-mail account elsewhere.

Two key elements that you should be looking for in a email automatic responder are...

1. double optin capability
2. email deliverability

the email automatic responder is use is called "Emailaces" which can be found in my signature...

The great concept of using double optin lead caputer is simple. Won't get in trouble or spamming! If people double optin to your autoresponder they have no right to complain about e-mail and they can quickly and easily unsubscribe anytime the like. Another good feature is that you don't want people who are not excited about your offer. If they were excited when they signed up, they will be excited when wait for the double optin confirmation email. If they never double optin that means they didn't care much for the offer and unlikely would never have purchased anything from you anyway. You want to deal with excited and enthusiastic prospects who are looking for the edge your product or service will give them.

E-mail deliverability! If your e-mails or more importantly your double optin confirmation e-mail is not getting through you have a serious problem. That is why you don't join just any email automatic responder as they are not equally effective. Make sure that you have a guarantee that a certain percentage of your e-mails are being delivered. If your email automatic responder provider has no clue, its better to look elsewhere.

I hope this article helps you decide on a good email automatic responder to use with your personal or marketing efforts!

Emailing in business and quality of life.====

Communication in earlier days -

There was a time when during prehistoric times, people used to communicate in sign languages. Today most of us talk to each other through a short SMS. Times have changed. Have human beings changed? Have our basic desires changed? No!

About the modern world -

How to live in this modern world and still maintain close contact that touches the heart, while using latest technology? Every communication need not be heart to heart. A simple business mail needs to be precise and to the point. But what about our communication with our friends, and family?

Even business needs communication that talks the language of heart. Look at the successful advertisements. You will find that the company is trying to touch the consumer hearts. Study any close business relationship, and you will find that the relationship has crossed the "to the point talk" of business and reached heart to heart talk between the buyer and the supplier.

Communication for better relationships-

For long lasting relationships and for living a satisfied life, we need to communicate with everyone we come across in the language that is dear to all of us. That is the language that touches the heart! How to do that? Can that be done?

Writing and answering emails -

Emails are the most popular and common method of communication in today's world. Most of us, who are otherwise not on our computer all the day, try to find some time to check our mails and answer them. Emails have become preferred method and a second habit, rather an essential part of a modern person.

How do we talk to each other on emails? Some of us are very brief where as some others believe in writing long paragraphs to send a small message. It is same as our behavior in other areas of life. Those who believe in speaking less, write short answers and mails. Our habits carry themselves in our method of writing mails. But the habit of sending short mails is becoming more prevalent.

Why brief mails ?

Why it is that brief mails are becoming more common? Is it because most of us are finding no time to talk. We are always so busy and rushed that gone are the days when people used to sit down and write their text after deep thought. For a majority of young population, the main task is to finish answering all the mails as soon as possible. How does one talk heart to heart in such a life?

This reflects our lifestyle in the modern world. Most of us want to achieve our goals as soon as possible. No one has the time to sit back and reflect. Life is becoming a prisoner of work. Even our ancestors used to work, but are we living a satisfied life such as they used to? The answer would be no. Brief writing habit is part of the deterioration in quality life.

Emails - The cause of poor quality of life?

Are emails one of the causes of deteriorating quality communication? This can be debated. But the ease of answering and the hurry to open another mail and answer propels us to finish our mails fast. The technology is making us do it. The response of computers is so quick that we work in an unknowing hurry. Is this not worth a thought?

What can be done?

We must try to live a satisfied and happy life. For that, we must communicate better. Our communication must be heart to heart, even when we are rushing through the day. That is little difficult but not impossible as it sounds. Sending ecards, and egreetings can help us in doing this to a great extent. A quick search on the net, and you will find a big resource of cards that talk the language of the heart. It may take a little more time, but will give us satisfaction at the end of the day.

Email-The Indispensable And Powerful Tool Of Successful Internet Marketers.====

Electronic mail, abbreviated e-mail or email is a method of composing, sending and receiving messages over the Electronic Communication System.

The enormous development of the Internet has enabled emails conveying useful information, to be transmitted simultaneously to several recipients worldwide in a matter of seconds. The Power, Reach and Sophistication of Emails are such that it has become the most inexpensive and effective way to promote your Internet Marketing Business.

Building opt-in lists has become part and parcel of the ritual of Internet Marketing today. Let's see what exactly the emails do to help the Internet Marketer?

1. I am right here.
Emails remind people that you exist, that you are right here and that you are a living entity. It further helps to project your image and personality. It is nothing but natural that people tend to forget you after some time and reminding them by email without harassing them is a way of ensuring that they remeber you, your product or website.

2. Traffic to your Website,
Email is acknowledged as the most effective way to drive traffic to you site. It is the email that keeps your clients and prospects returning to your site. This traffic without question is the very life blood of your Internet Marketing Business.

3. Building Awareness.
One wonderful aspect of the email and used all too often by the Internet Marketers is to Alert Customers, clients, users and friends of products, articles and events. In addition the email alerts, play a prominent role in the promotion of new products and technologies.

4. Building Trust and Confidence.
Sending emails is not a one off action. In addition to reaching out to customers, it is also used to follow up customers. Confirmation emails have become the norm today, especially after orders or subscriptions are placed. Over a period of time these email messages build trust and credibility between the parties concerned.

5. Building a feeling of Togetherness.
Receiving regular emails from organizations and groups makes you feel wanted and creates a bond or feeling of togetherness with that organization or group. Even if reciprocal action is not seen immediately it will ultimately create a bond if your emails are handled properly.

6. Sharing of Emails.
Another great advantage of emails is that it can be shared. Special promotions or informative content in Newsletters or emails are quite often circulated among friends and the end result is more traffic. Tell a friend images in websites too induce visitors to web sites to send email messages to friends informing them of their newly discovered product or information.

These are some of the main benefits enjoyed by the Internet Marketers but unfortunately the usefulness of emails is today being threatened by Spamming i.e. sending of unsolicited emails.It is hoped that technology will catch up with them before long. Nevertheless Internet Marketers continue to send millions of emails everyday with even more added sophistication such as embedded pictures and music.

Today the email has become such an inexpensive powerful medium of communication that it has become a reliable friend and an excellent indispensable tool of Successful Internet Marketers.

First Steps You Have to Do When You Email to New Subscribers to Earn Trust & Be Respected====

This short email in opt tutorial shows you some of my favorite tips and techniques for dealing with new subscribers to get them hooked so they stay in your list as long as you follow the following this techniques.

The main goal of email in opt tutorial is to explain how to develop a communication process with your new subscribers to build trust.

One of the biggest aspects of online business is trust, and how you are perceived. If you make a bad first impression, or come off as someone just in it for the money, people are smarter than that. They’ll see it coming a mile away, especially with all of the scams and people getting ripped off today.

Email in opt tutorial is composed with two main parts if you neglect one part things will go wrong. Please give all parts the required attention.

Part one of email in opt tutorial - make sure you have a system ready to take action!

Note: Don't buy or rent a mailing list unless you make sure the subscribers in the list know they will receive your marketing messages.

Before you buy, rent email list or start collecting email addresses from your web site, you need to have a solid system in place that will allow you to communicate with your list and allow them to get to know you and trust you.

Most of subscribers you will receive are new online users and / or new businesses starters. They are info seekers. They opt in because they want information about your product or service now. They won't wait for tomorrow to receive it. Use autoresponder to offer free valuable information via email! All you have to do is create your own series of email training to educate your prospects.

Get quality autoresponder service. You obviously can’t do this on an individual basis, because it would be nearly impossible as your list gets bigger, but you can easily do this through your automatic responder services.

Use addtracker to track your potential clients foot steps and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Make sure you have your tracking systems in place so you know what's going on once the promotions begin and the traffic hits. Don't do any guesswork. You need SCIENTIFIC numbers telling you what's going on, what's happened and what you need to do to increase sales and profits.

Part two of email in opt tutorial - How to structure your autoresponder messages.

Don’t ruin your business by sending out 50 or more follow up advertising messages. People are becoming very careful about requesting anything for fear of being spammed to death for doing it.

Teach your subscribers.

Set up seven parts autoresponder email course. Each course contains helpful information and quality gift related to the course theme.

Email courses are a very good way to build your reputation as a provider of useful information. Setup an email course series a bout a hot topic. Give quality information in the course. Don't advertise any product during the course phase. Don't show your subscribers you are here only for money. Instead, invite them to visit your website to see your special marketing offer, your web site update, your quality free information, etc... and the ways are endless to put your offer in front of your potential customer.

In each course you may send a free quality brandable ebook or software where you advertise your affiliate programs. Allow your subscribers to brand the product with their name to help them make money they will think you for doing so.

Show them you are a real person.

- Put your contacts info including your email address, your physical address, phone number, etc... in all your outgoing messages to make it easy for your subscribers to contact you and feel they are dealing with an authentic marketer.

- Show them your photo, your family photos or your employees' photo.

- Send them to where they can read about you.

Let Your Subscribers Know You.

After your email course series is over hook your subscribers with your follow up messages series.

Set up a series of follow up messages. You can set up a whole series of follow up messages that show your potential customer that you are concerned with their satisfaction and you are here to help them succeed.

In your first tree messages or so do not promote any product or service you are selling at all. These three messages are designed to open an unstoppable dialog between you and your potential customers to build relationship and trust.

Instead of sales pitches, you’ll be sending out to your new subscribers a series of emails that talk about anything you want but no product promotion. You may talk about yourself, your likes & dislikes, your favorite hobby, what you do for a living, any websites you have, etc. You can even talk about your family and friends if you want.

After they receive your emails that talk about what you have chosen to talk about. Invite your subscribers to contact you in a friendly manner. Let them know you are there to help them. Ask them to send you emails talking about anything and everything they want to talk about. Your subscribers won’t contact you on their own if you don't invite them.

In this introductory phase of the process, keep sending to your subscribers a quality information and gifts that they can't find elsewhere. When people see you as a provider of good information that they can use and profit from, then your reputation and the reputation of your company becomes more credible.

When this happens people will be more likely to buy your products and services or indeed the products or services you recommend them.

As soon as the communication starts up between you and your subscribers, start collecting information about your subscribers. Information like what business they are involved in? What are their concerns and fears? Their gender, age, where they live? What's their problem?

Once you have built trust and collect information....

At this time start sending promotional messages that promote quality products. Do not promote any product before you try it. If you try to promote a product you have never used, it will show. The visitor will see and feel the lack of sincerity and your reputation will suffer accordingly.

If you follow these techniques you will build a quality email list of ready to buy subscribers.

Permission email marketing is an art. Permission email marketing is not a hard science. Without question, email marketing is the most affordable and effective tool in your marketing arsenal.

You can use email marketing to maximize all of your other sales and marketing activities and improve the return on investment (ROI) of every dollar you spend to obtain new business.

If you want to buy targeted email list do it wisely. Do not send messages to these lists unless you are sure that they know they will receive marketing messages from you.

Generating leads with your autoresponder=====

An autoresponder is probably one of the most important marketing tools you can have when you’re doing business online. In fact, there‘s probably only thing more important than an autoresponder, and that’s your opt in list. But as you probably know: autoresponders and opt in list go hand-in-hand: the list doesn’t exist until your autoresponder mailing list starts filling up with names and email addresses!

If you want to build an email list, the easiest and fastest way to gather email addressess is to give things away for free: give away an ezine, free reports, free ebooks, free access to private websites, or anything else that you can think of. Your goal is is to get people to sign up to receive that freebie, and to agree to receive email from you in the future! This way, you create a win-win situation: the person that’s subscribing gets a freebie and you get his name and email address, and permission to email him in the future.

But if you give it some extra thinking, you could get even more than that. The freebie that you give away can also be used to promote your products or services. For example, if it just has (your) affiliate links for products or services that are related to the topic of the freebie, it is a way to generate extra revenue. You also need to make sure to include valuable information in the emails you send, or you will have people dropping off of your autoresponder mailing list like flies!

You need to use every opportunity that is presented to you to succeed.
- you can earn money in the freebie that you create
- you can earn money when you send the ‘thank you’ email after a person has requested your freebie
- you can earn money every time an autoresponder message is sent out to that list in the future

Don’t waste those opportunities, but put them all in automatic mode with the use of an autoresponder.

Get Going With Email Marketing And Keep More Customers====

It's Never too Early:
We often talk with companies who aspire to reach many of the same goals we've achieved with email - regular communications, and enhanced relationships. Amazingly, many of these companies are considerably larger than us - but yet object on the grounds that they 'aren't ready.' Baloney! Email marketing is incredibly easy to get started - and in our opinion it is most effective when it is done with a philosophy of simplicity

Frequent Contact is Key:
Email marketing does not work as well for a one-time quick hit marketing strategy. Email allows you to build a regular, ongoing dialogue with your best clients and prospects. And that becomes self-selecting - those who most wish to do business with you will appreciate the regular communications. Those who do not can opt-out. It truly is a win-win.

Be Regular:
One of the real keys to success is how frequently (or not) you communicate. We occasionally provide special alerts, but generally, for us, once a month is plenty often to communicate. I firmly believe - and our results have confirmed - that regular but respectful communication is optimal.

Content is King:
Ultimately, for professional service firms like ours it is ideas that build relationships - and ideas are driven and supported by content. We strongly recommend the creation of a regular communications vehicle - whether an e-Newsletter or other vehicle. It has worked for us and it works for a number of our clients.

Be Brief:
We also have found that it is critical to keep the content out of the newsletter. While this may seem to be a contradiction to the previous point, it is not. You should let people know about your ideas, but not force them down their throats. Use the newsletter to point to your content (on your site or elsewhere) but don't try to cram it all in. It shouldn't take someone 10 minutes to decide if your newsletter is worth a read. An overly long, dense, hard-to-read newsletter simply wastes people's time. In addition, by keeping the content external, you can use click through analytics to see who is really interested in what content - and tailor your follow-up appropriately.

Keep it Entertaining.
We’re shocked by the number of dry, boring newsletters that clog our inboxes. We subscribe to many newsletters to keep up on our competitors, but we usually only read those that keep us entertained. Try adding a bit of humor if possible.

Don't Hard-Sell.
The flip side of the coin is when we see companies who feel as though they need to close business in every sentence. Email marketing is about relationship building, and it is something you're doing for the long- term - not a quick revenue hit. Even for consumer- oriented retailers, this fact still holds true- customer relationships are profitable when they are long-term, so your marketing efforts need to be oriented that way.

Getting the Most Out of Your Email Service=====

When you work from your website as a home base to talk to your customers on a regular basis, you need a reliable form of communication. In the old days, a handshake and a smile were the best ways to greet customers, both new and returning. But today, as you acquire customers on the web, you need to have a way to make them feel welcome and attended to while they are shopping with you online. The most effective way is of course email.

When you sign up for hosting, whether you use a free service or go the more sophisticated route of managed hosting, you may get the chance to register one or more email accounts that you can use for your business. The number of email accounts you can get depends on the type of hosting account you pay for and the perks that come with it.

This is a fine option for someone who just needs one email account to go with a very basic internet site. So if you mainly use your website to present your qualifications or company overview, rather than a method of active sales or service, then you might only need one email account. You can direct comments or questions to one address and use this address on your business cards. For smaller Denver businesses, this is the perfect option.

But for larger businesses in Denver, email services are a must. Even if your hosting company offers you several accounts, you will probably want to look into another form of communication. This is due to the fact that these accounts are sometimes not as stable as the accounts you get with larger dedicated email services. The last thing you want is for your newsletter to get stuck and not be delivered because your hosting company is changing around the way they manage their email accounts.

So if you want to keep in touch with your clients or customers on a regular basis, if you want to welcome your new visitors who opt-in to your email list with a nice welcome letter, or if you simply want to set up an inter-office email network, look into Denver email services that are right for you. There are several options on the web.

Email services, Denver based and elsewhere, are basically companies that offer you email accounts that can either be independent or linked. Companies like Google's popular Gmail, allow users to chat with one another as well send email messages. You get free online storage as well as a great search feature that allows you to look up messages and find them instantly. On the down side, it only offers POP access and makes you look at a few ads along the way.

There are other email services that are popular on the web. These include Yahoo!, which has a decent spam filter included, FastMail, which offers IMAP access and few ads, and AIM Mail from AOL, which offers 2 GB of storage and great spam guards. Newer email services are offering more perks. Goowy Mail is a wonderful desktop program that also gives you an RSS feeder, games, and a calendar.

So before you settle on an email service for you business, look around and see what's available to you. Don't just settle for what you get with your hosting account when you could have so much more.

Good Reasons To Send Email Cards Instead====

I love technology. I love all of the ways that technology has made my life easier and more simple. I guess I'm a guy that likes things as uncomplicated as possible, so that is in fact why I have come to treasure the gift that the internet truly is. There are so many ways that the internet has affected my life that I'm not sure where to begin. I guess I'll share that the internet has affected my relationships immensely and hence my life is different too. One small but significant way that the internet has affected my life is by giving me the ability to send email cards for various occasions.

One of my downfalls is that I'm always the one among my family and friends to forget important days and events in the lives of those that I love. I don't do this intentionally, but it seems like life gets busy and that sending a card is quite often the last thing on my mind when a special day approaches. In fact, I could probably say that I have forgotten more birthdays and other signficant days in the past twenty years than I have remembered. But not any more. The ability to send email cards has literally transformed my world.

Sending email cards is great because it is so easy. All I have to do is search the internet for a card that fits the occasion and then push click to send it in an email to a family member or friend. What could be easier than that? If there are people out there that have no trouble remembering all the important days on their calendar, then you can discontinue reading this when you like and keep on sending normal cards. But if anyone is like me, then you need the help of email cards to make your life easier.

Another thing that I have grown to love about sending email cards is that there is such a variety of cards to choose from. As soon as I do a simple search for email cards I receive a ton of good options and usually have no trouble finding the perfect email card to send within minutes. The variety and the simplicity of the process makes it quick to do during your day.

One of the ways that I have become effective at sending email cards is by having a calendar system on my email account that lets me enter in important birthdays and other events and then it reminds me of them a few days before they happen. This way I have time to send email cards and I have time to purchase gifts, send flowers or do anything else that is necessary in the process.
How about a free prank email?====

First step: complete the address you want the email to be sent to. Then, you fill in the sender’s email, subject, message and sender’s name. Before you know it, you will become an anonymailer yourself! You will be joining other hundreds of Internet users who send anonymous email messages each day. The best thing is that your identity is completely unknown and you can use any email address as a reply address. The difference from this service with other similar resources is that when you send an email, the receiver sees both your email address and your name. This is indeed one great advantage.

What are other reasons you may have to become an anonymous mailer besides free prank email sending? Perhaps you suspect your husband of cheating on you and you want to catch him on the act. If you are a model citizen, then perhaps you might transform in a hidden sender and inform tax office about those who dare to cheat on their tax paying duties. Untraceable emails can also be used as a way to declare your romantic feelings to somebody. This resource is also perfect to send secure emails when your own email address does not function (temporary email). Other reasons for wanting to hide yourself from email receiver: reporting something to your boss (you might not desire for everyone to know you sent that specific email), sending fake email to verify the loyalty of your friends and warning someone through anonymous emails. In fact, there are so many reasons you should be interested in such a service. It might be a fake email or you may want to send email on behalf of someone. A free prank email can turn out to be a great joke, allowing you to tell (later) to your friends about hidden email sendersend anonymous messages.

However amazing this resource might be, you will have to understand that it cannot be used for illegal activities, committing offence or fraud. You can send emails to anybody but that does not mean you are not to respect the law. For your own security, both the IP address and country of residence are recorded. You can send your own fake email without using any real names, password or personal server. Fame email messages are sent through their server, requiring no SMTP or hosting account to be used. There is no limit on how many anon e-mails you can send throughout the entire day. The send a fake email service can be used from any part of the world, on any computer and by any Internet user (advantage of this service – support HTML platforms). If you enjoy this service very much and prefer sending fake mails through proxies, then you should be interested in the premier account. Apart from an increased number of additional features offered, the premier membership means no footer ads. It’s great, isn’t it?

How Do Autoresponders Work?====

Have you ever received an email telling you that the person you emailed is on vacation and will not be answering his email for the next week? What about a company that answers with an email thanking you for your interest and that they would get back to you in a day or two? Or even an email saying that the email you tried to send could not be delivered?

Each of these is a different version of what we commonly call an autoresponder. An autoresponder is simply that, a computer program that automatically answers email sent to it. This simple definition, however, belies a world of difference between the different types of autoresponders in use today.

The first auto responders were incorporated into mail transfer agents or email providers. When they could not deliver a piece of email, they would send an autoresponse to you letting you know as much. These types of emails were helpful, but not particularly sophisticated.

That has all changed radically in recent years, as autoresponders have been incorporated into the marketing strategies of many companies. Today autoresponders are used by companies to immediately give feedback and information to prospective clients. This might include sending an autoresponse to email inquiries which include pricing information, more details about a product, and a timeline for when they can expect someone from the company to get back with them.

These ‘client touches’ are a valuable commodity in the world of marketing because they improve conversion rates in the purchase of goods by keeping the product or service in the mind of the purchaser for a bit longer, as well as provide the company with an additional opportunity to provide the potential customer with more information on the product.

Autoresponders are setup primarily in one of two ways, with an outsourced ASP model, and a server-side model. The Outsourced ASP model involves the company or provider who would like to incorporate an autoresponder into their business model contracting with an outside provider. The outside provider will then typically provide the user with access to a web-based control panel. From there the company or individual can dictate exactly what they would like the autoresponder to say to each email received as well as how to deal with different types of emails and other variations. For these services, the company typically pays a monthly fee to the autoresponder provider.

The second category of autoresponders is server-side. Server-side autoresponders simply refers to programs that instead of paying for someone to implement for you on a monthly basis, a company can install the system on their own server and run it for themselves. While this process is typically not as simple as purchasing a program out of a box and uploading to the server, it has become significantly simpler in recent years.

How I Use Email Automatic Responders===

An email automatic responder or autoresponder is the second most important marketing tool I have to make money online. The first would be my hosting company. Without these 2 tools my internet marketing business is dead in the water.

In the world of internet marketing, millions of sites are fiercely competing with each other to gain new clients. For any ecommerce site to succeed, it must capture the interest and the trust of its visitors. It is not enough that your site is perfectly designed or has the latest in animation of content.

You should focus your efforts not only in attracting visitors but also in leading them to make a purchase. There are dozens of marketing strategies you can use to attract more buyers and pump up your sales. One of them is by establishing an excellent and professional reputation for prompt and efficient response.

As more potential customers visit your site, you should expect a flood of inquiries and requests for information. This is an excellent opportunity for you to capture more clients and lead them to buying from your site. Thus, it is important that you carry out an efficient and prompt response to every email you receive. The fastest and most effective way to do this is by utilizing an email automatic responder.

Autoresponder services use a computer program that automatically return a prewritten message to anyone who sends an email to your site. It is widely used for responding to consumer inquiries and visitor comments and suggestions.

Follow up automatic responders are also used by e-zines in responding to people who subscribe or unsubscribe to their online magazines. Companies, who send out their e-newsletter regularly, also use utoresponders.

How can effective autoresponder services help boost your business? The answer lies in its ability to return a prompt response to any e-mail the site receives. By responding rapidly and efficiently, you create a very good impression on your potential customer. Good email autorespondrs help you get important information back to these customers immediately. An effective autoresponder service helps you communicate your message promptly, creating a sense of professionalism and efficiency that your clients will definitely appreciate.

Another very important advantage of email automatic responders is that it saves time with multiple marketing tasks. Certainly, you do not have enough time to personally make and send all correspondence. Autoresponder services allows you to send thank you letters, newsletters, product information, brochures, orders etc. to hundreds of clients almost immediately and simultaneously. Autoresponder services are also indispensable in any email marketing campaign.

Choosing the right autoresponder is very important. What makes the best automatic responder? First, you should pick an autoresponder that is reliable and can give you 24/7 service. You cannot afford to lose a customer because your autoresponder failed to answer his query or request for information. The ability to respond promptly is the first thing you must look for in any automatic responder.

Another key factor you should consider when choosing Autoresponder servcies is flexibility. Good autoresponders allow you to customize unique responses that will have maximum effect on the customer. You should avoid creating an impression that the customer is communicating with a machine instead of a real human being.

An excellent email automatic responder lets you provide the information that is specifically targeted for what the potential customers are looking for. Because any email from potential customers essentially represent the customer's intent on getting more information about your product, which can ultimately lead to direct sales, all emails are important. Thus, a top Autoresponder servcie must fulfill all these duties to help you boost your business.

For all of our autoresponder needs we prefer Aweber. They are very reasonably priced and have proved to be reliable and easy to use.

How To Build A Huge Opt In List Of Hungry Subscribers===

An opt in list full of hungry subscribers are the soul and spirit of any online business existence. But how do you build it so that the subscribers will respond to every offer that you introduce them? First, we will take a look at what makes an online business and the techniques of getting hungry subscribers into your opt in list.

Every online business provides great service to generate satisfaction among their customers. As each and every customer receives satisfaction over their products or the services they get, there is a great chance that they will become a return customer and buy again. Better yet, they will recommend you to other people that could generate more business for you and your site.

As more traffic is driven to your site, you can entice many of them to subscribe to your mailing list or opt-in list. This is a list where in website visitors agree to be sent promotional materials such as newsletters, catalogs and such that could keep them updated about your site or the niche of your site. These promotional materials are sent via e-mail to the members of the list in different time intervals.

When using e-mail as the media of your marketing and advertisements, you eliminate the need for high costs. Email is free and if you can manage to make your own promotional advertisements you can also save a bundle there. With an opt-in subscribers list, you are pretty sure that what you are sending out is received, viewed and read by the subscribers and not simply being deleted. They have signed up for service and have consented in receiving it.

This means that there are constant reminders to your subscribers about all your products, new products and services as well as any promotions and special deals you are having. There is also the chance that they can be forwarded to other potential customers as they tell their friends and families about you and your site.

Of course you should be also aware that a subscriber may unsubscribe when they feel that they are not getting what they want or expected. Make sure that they are satisfied with your opt-in marketing strategies and keep them excited in receiving your newsletters and catalogs. Here are some tips that can help you build a list of eager subscribers.

Make your promotional materials interesting and fun. Try to use a little creativity but not too over artsy. Build around what your product or service is about. For example; if you are selling car parts, put some pictures of what is new in the auto parts world, a new wing door possibly that can fit any car and make it look like a Lamborghini.

Try to research what people are looking for, these way, you stay one step ahead of them all the time and you will be their bearer of new tidings. They will be eager to receive what you are sending them because they new you always have fresh and new things to share with them.

Write good articles that can be very informational but light at the same time. If your subscribers enjoy your articles, they will go to your site by clicking the links that you will be putting on your newsletter to read some more. You can provide articles that can connect to many people. Be diverse in your articles. Put something humorous, then put something informational, then put something that has both.

Are you wary about this because you don’t like writing? No problem, there are many professional and experienced article writers that can do the job for you for minimal fees. They know what they are doing and can provide the need that you have for your newsletters, the money that you pay for your articles are going to be met by the many sign-ups and the potential profit from the sales that you will get.

Create and send an E-book to your customers about anything that is related to your business or site. Use your knowledge and expertise in the field you have chosen to help other people who are similarly interested. Offer this e-book for free. You can write about anything informational and helpful to your subscribers. For example; you can do manuals and guides in so many things. This e-book could be used as a reference for many people.

Share this e-book with everyone, even other sites; just make sure that they don’t change the links in the e-book that will lead people to your site. If you want, you can always get some people to write it for you just like your articles. Your investment once again will be covered by the great marketing this will generate.

Add e-coupons in your newsletters that will help them avail to special discounts. Put a control number in your e-coupon so that they can only be used once. When people get discounts that can be found in your newsletters, they will be eager to receive your newsletter in anticipation of what you are promoting next.

If your subscribers can get benefits from your newsletters, they will be very eager to receive them. Just don’t flood your mailing list with mails so that you don’t annoy your subscribers.

How To Create 2 Super-Profitable Email Publications====

Is it really an impossible dream to generate an obscene amount of money online? Is it all hype? Or is it indeed possible to make millions from an email publication or two?

Great American legends like Henry Ford became famous by first dreaming up and then doing something that had never been done before. If you take this article seriously and go on to own an email publishing empire, you will not have done something that has not been before. You will simply be a statistic, yet another successful Internet publisher.

In other words, all you need to do is carefully study what those who came before you did and then simply duplicate the process and your life could change – no hype. Here is one of the most successful publishing models ever. This technique that you are about to take a close look at, has served most Internet publishers well. Many of them have made huge sums of cash online, using it. It involves the launching of two separate email publications. Each will have its’ own different revenue source.

The First Email Publication Will Be The Foundation

The first email publication will be a free ezine. This publication is the key or foundation of the whole strategy or publishing model that we are discussing in this article. While it can be hugely profitable from advertising, the main aim here initially will be to pick up a huge number of email addresses to create a huge opt-in email list as quickly as possible.

The beauty of internet publishing is that even as you begin to gather your email addresses, there are several ways that you can use the material in this free ezine to start generating cash and at the same time marketing your free ezine. For instance, you can create a blog, publish your free ezine there and post Adsense ads (or the new Chikita ads which have proved to be more profitable for some bloggers) and start generating cash from clicks. The same article in your blog can be distributed to high traffic article directories, which will help to generate targeted traffic to your blog. You will therefore be in that super-profitable situation where you start earning money from your email publication even as you are setting it up for the real super profits.

Techniques To Speed Up Your Subscriber List Growth

There are too many free ezines being dangled in front of surfers these days that many have learnt how to ignore the lot. And yet the quicker you grow your list, the better. The way to do this is to dream up promotions and special offers. For instance you can offer some valuable report free to people who sign up. Or you can offer it to your current subscribers who refer their friends to your ezine.

You should constantly be thinking of ways of speeding up recruitment to your subscriber list because the bigger your list grows, the more profits you will be able to generate from it.

There Are Many Ways In Which A Targeted Opt-in Email List Can Earn You Serious Money

Even without considering the critical role your free email publication and opt-in email list will play in making your second email publication profitable, there are numerous ways you can profit from a large opt-in email list. There are many online entrepreneurs who make a very good living from a single opt-in email list of one or two thousand email addresses. An opt-in email list of only 10,000 can earn you a fortune.

Apart from being able to carry valuable ads in your email publication that should be your main source of income, you can advertise your own special products narrowly targeted at your list. You can advertise affiliate products or even simply refer the traffic to your Adsense blogs to earn from clicks on the Adsense ads posted there. There are actually dozens of ways to make serious money from your list, even before you refer them to your paid subscription email publication.

How to Make a CSV file for your mailing list.====

First lets look at WHAT it is, and Why would we want to make one?

CSV means Comma Separated Value, so that means; a ‘value’ that is separated by commas. It is usually made in XL or a txt file.

A ‘value’ is explained, in context below.

CSV files are the most common kind of format used by most software programs for importing data. This means that if we want to put several hundred names and addresses (values) into a “bulk mailing program” we can usually use a CSV file.

The CSV file would have to have all the names and addresses in it, and then we could go to our software program and use the ‘import’ function to upload all the names and addresses (values), with one click instead of spending hours entering each one by hand.

But, how do we get the names and addresses into the CSV file in the first place? It depends where they come from, if we are simply extracting the names and addresses (Values) from one program to another we can often choose to ‘export’ to a file in CSV format. If we have a list of ‘values’ that is, say, in Microsoft word, or some other kind of document, we would first need to copy and paste them into an XL document.

Once all the ‘values’ we want to use, are pasted into the XL document, WITH EACH VALUE IN A SEPARATE COLUMN. We can then save the XL document as a CSV file, and then upload it into our software. Easy!

Before we continue please note: It is often necessary to have these values in our CSV file in a particular order for example; some software, will require Column ‘A’ to have the ‘Name’ and column ‘B’ might have to be the ‘eMail’ or vise versa and etc…. So it’s a good idea to check first.

Some software allows us to choose where each ‘value’ will be loaded to, so in this case, the initial order in our CSV file won’t matter, because in the upload process we may be prompted to select which ‘fields to place which ‘values’ into.

Now, how to turn a XL document into a CSV file!
1. In your XL document with the info you wish to upload. Go to "file/save as" then select the option "as file type" and scroll down to "CSV (Comma Delimited)
2. Then name it "WHATEVERYOUWANT" and click save.
3. Now you will get a window asking a lot of questions.
4. Answer "OK" or "YES", then you'll get about two or three more windows one after the other. Answer each one "OK" or "YES", until it is done then close the workbook. You’ll get more windows again. just answer "OK" and "YES" until it closes
5. Go to your software and find the import function, browse for your file and upload it!
6. Then check your "mailing List" to see the results!
Your CSV file will look like this a, if you saved it correctly!

If it doesn't work for you, make sure it is in this format.

You may find that you need to play around with this a bit, but as long as you finish with an XL document in CSV format, you should be able to upload to just about any program. Of course this isn’t limited to email lists you can use this format for a range of different applications.

How To Market Affiliate Programs With Your Newsletter=====

If you’ve been building an opt-in list, you are on the right track to making a living online. If you have yet to start building your list, you need to get started right away! A quality list is worth a lot of money, if you know how to use it. Notice the word ‘quality’….not ‘quantity!’ A list does not have to be huge to turn a profit. Again, if you have a quality list, you can turn out a quality newsletter, and then you can learn how to use your newsletter to promote your affiliate programs.

First you should note that the newsletter must be of high quality. Just sending your list advertisements will not cut it in today’s competitive online market place. Your subscribers do not want advertisements – they can find those anywhere. What they want is quality up-to-date information. As a marketer, you produce that information, and build the information around one of your affiliate programs.

Start by choosing a product that you feel your highly qualified list will be interested in. Really think about this long and hard, and make sure that you pick a quality product or service. If you’ve used your newsletter in the right way up to this point, your subscribers will put a lot of faith in your recommendations – and you are about to make a recommendation.

With that product, write an article. The article should not be about the product – unless it is a review of the product. Instead, it should pertain to something that relates to the use of that product. For instance, if you are advertising a shampoo, you would probably want to write an article about hair care – not about the shampoo.

You can work the product into the article in various ways. For instance, if you are just promoting one product with your article, at the end of the article, you might suggest to your readers that using brand x – with your affiliate link – will help them achieve better results or that you’ve found that this brand is better than that brand, or something along those lines.

If you are promoting several products within one article, spread them about throughout the text, but make sure that your article doesn’t become one big advertisement – and avoid promoting too many products within one article. Also avoid including more than one article in each issue of your newsletter. You want your visitors attention to remain focused – and if you give them information overload in one issue, your chances of making any sales at all diminish!

It is vital that you use a professional link cloaker. You do not want your affiliate link to look like an affiliate link! A link cloaker will change the text of your link, but when clicked, the linked cloak will take your reader to the site with the product that you are promoting – and you will get credit for the sale. Using a link cloaker also prevents link hijacking – where someone exchanges your affiliate ID with their own affiliate ID in the link.

Be personable with your readers. Become their friend. Let them know that you are looking out for them, and that you are interested in helping them achieve something. Developing a relationship with your readers is the key to getting them to trust your recommendations.

How To Use Autoresponders To Increase Your Sales=====

Using autoresponders will help you to close more sales through consistent and effective follow up of your visitors.

With your autoresponders you'll be able to:

- Educate your visitors about your product
- Share the benefits of purchasing your product
- Increase your credibility
- Build up your visitors' trust in you
- Continue to keep your marketing message on your visitors' minds so that when your visitors are ready to purchase from you, they will.

Some profitable ways to use autoresponders:

1. Publish an ezine

Done right, your ezine will provide you with a powerful way to promote your products, special offers, and also your affiliate programs.

Your ezine can also provide you with an extra income, once it's large enough for you to start selling ads to your readers and visitors.

Begin promoting your ezine by including your subscription form and also your link to your sign up page on all your pages.

Also use a “popover” to plug your ezine and direct your visitors to either fill out your subscription form or visit your sign up page.

In addition, get the word out about your ezine by submitting it to ezine directories and ezine announcement lists.

Because these submissions can be very tedious, it's wise to use ezine promotion software to handle much of this time-consuming work for you.

That way you’ll be able to concentrate more on your ezine’s content and also on effectively marketing your business.

2. Offer a free email course.

The key to your winning course is your content.

Give your readers useful content, and they'll view you as a credible source of information and your product's value will increase in their eyes.

If your an article writer, you can use your articles as the basis of your course.

Because your articles are on topics of interest to your target audience, using them will enable you to create a course that both appeals to your visitors and provides them with information that they'll find to be very useful.

Simply choose a few related articles that cover different aspects of what you would like to write about. Then use these articles as your guide for writing the different parts of your new course.

3. Follow up with people that take you up on your free download or trial.

Start the follow up process by asking your visitor to fill out your subscription box or form in order to access her free trial.

On your "thank you" page, let her know that she'll need to confirm her subscription, and that after she does that she'll get her link to start her trial in her welcome email.

Give your visitor a strong incentive for taking you up on your offer.

For example, if you were offering a trial of your article submission software, you could offer an ebook that shares how to write articles and properly promote them to article directories and announcement lists as your special bonus.

4. Offer an article announcement list.

Your list will help you to get your articles published more frequently by webmasters and ezine publishers that have audiences that are interested in what you write about.

Your list can also help you promote your affiliate program and get more new affiliate sign ups.

In your publishing guidelines, let your subscribers know that they can earn money by rebranding your articles with their affiliate links in your "About the Author" section.

Your subscribers will be more apt to publish your articles, and you'll be able to get more new affiliates that have responsive subscribers and targeted traffic that they can promote your business to.

5. Offer a training course to your affiliates.

Savvy marketers know that to have a successful affiliate program, they need to invest in the success of their affiliates.

One powerful way to do this is to make a generic training course available to them by autoresponder.

Through your course, you’ll be able to provide your affiliates with valuable tips and strategies and elevate your profits by helping your new affiliates get started fast.

Make your course available on your affiliate sign up page/info page and also within your affiliates "control panel" where they check their stats.

If you run a two-tier affiliate program, your course can also be used as a smart promotional tool for your affiliates.

Just have your affiliates give your course away to their visitors or subscribers, and they'll be able to increase their commissions by referring more new affiliates into their second tiers that will successfully promote your biz.

HTML Email Newsletter Designs for Better Results====

The thing to remember when creating an email newsletter is to make the email newsletter design as attractive and interesting for a reader to get interested in reading it. To make the newsletter design attractive, one can either get the newsletter design done professionally by some newsletter design agency or by downloading a newsletter design software available in the website, and following it’s tutorials to get the newsletter done. Of course, for better results, the professionalism is better.

Here, at a fixed price, they have their newsletter designers create various newsletter design samples for you to choose from. If you find a design that you like, they will make any changes to it for you, to finally get the newsletter design you require.

In case you plan to design the newsletter design by yourself, there are various software available, wherein there are email newsletter templates for you to choose from.

There are various template packs available for purchase in addition to the templates that are already in the newsletter design website. These template packs are additional email template designs packed in packs for the user. When you design a company newsletter template, remember that the newsletter format is important. You can choose the format from text, HTML or a combination of both, as there have both advantages and disadvantages in them.

It is up to you to decide which format to use for your requirements. The newsletter layout is also as important as the email newsletter design. Layout is the working of the different elements of the email newsletter in harmony, to enhance the value of the newsletter to the readers. For a reader to subscribe and unsubscribe to the online newsletter, make sure you have a reply-to email address, which has an auto-responder to let the reader know that their email has been received and is being processed.

Increasing Website Activity Through Email Signatures====

Making sure your website has a steady amount of activity is one of the most important aspects to maintaining a successful website. Increasing website activity is one of the easiest ways you can make your site more popular as well as help your business if it is ran over your site. By using specific tools, such as email signatures, you can passively increase your website’s activity with no extra effort required. Even if you have been using email for years, you may not be aware that you can add signatures to your emails. Email signatures consist of a few lines of text that are automatically added to the bottom of each email you send. You can usually create these signatures using a “preferences” tab on the email program you most often use. After you create an email signature, each time you send an email, your email program will automatically add whatever you saved as your signature to the bottom of the email, without you needing to do anything.

Before you can enjoy the increase in website activity through email signatures, you will need to create an appropriate signature. To do this, you should consider two things. First, consider how much space your email program allows you for your signature. This will be important, as you may need to condense your content to fit the program you use. Secondly, and most importantly, you need to think about what you want to say with your signature. If you are running a business it is probably best to use your name, the business name, address, phone number, and website address. This is a very professional and passive way to promote your website. If you have a more casual website, you may want to include your name, the website link, and a nice quote or two that you find inspiring, entertaining, or relevant to your website. Think about the overall feel of your website and try to keep your signature in the same tone of writing.

There are a few “rules” in creating an email signature to help website activity. The first rule is to keep your signature limited to four lines or less. If you create long signatures, it is likely the reader will completely tune out and not remember anything in your signature. There is also that possibility that they will not even read it because it “looks too long”. This can occur frequently. Keep in mind that most people use email because it is easy to use as well as fast. Therefore, they will not be prompted to read areas of email that are long because they will feel they take up too much time. Another rule is to make sure your email signature is appropriate for all ages, genders, and ethnicities. The last thing you want to do is offend someone with your signature because this will not attract website activity, but deter it.

After you successfully create your signature, be sure to save it in your email program so that it is added each time you email someone. You may have to “check” a specific box in your “preferences” to get to this point. You can check to make sure it is working correctly by sending yourself an email. Your signature should show up exactly how others will view it on the email. After everything is working properly, all you need to do is send emails like normal. The more emails you send, the more often your website link will be viewed. When you send emails that are forwarded by the recipient, your signature will be viewed even more than expected. The chain of email is a complicated one with many viewers, so you will likely get viewers that you don’t expect, which is great for your website. The more the link is viewed, the more traffic you will have on your website.

Increasing website traffic through email signatures is one of the most effortless and passive ways of advertising. You will probably even forget that you are advertising because you don’t need to do anything to do so after the initial setup phase. Email signatures are a great tool that cost nothing and can deliver results. Those who don’t use them are often those that have no idea how to use them. By learning to set up your own email signature you can immediately begin seeing an increase in traffic to your website.

Inside The List - Building Your Business with an Opt-in Email List====

Inside The List is an all in one place reference guide to building your business with an opt-in email list. More on Inside the List in a moment, but first you might be asking, what’s the deal with email marketing? Do I really need to bother to build a list? Also you might be worried that email marketing may offend some people.

Well I’m going to address those questions for you in this article, and give you some email marketing tips to boot.

Email marketing is quite simply one of the most effective marketing methods today, as virtually almost all people use email. Check on those email fields or blanks required to be filled up on various forms needed in processing different transactions in the modern day.

Email marketing campaigns can offend a lot of people. The not-so secret way to surmount this dilemma is through permission-based advertising. There's no harm in providing good information (stealth marketing) after asking for permission. That’s where the opt-in bit comes in, it ensures that your list member wants to be on your list and also protects you against SPAM allegations.

The key is to be very selective on who to email and who to not email. Better to look for some metrics on how to know which group of people would give you high ROI or return on investment.

The Real Deal with Building Opt-in List

Building an opt-in list is not a piece of cake particularly for the uninitiated. Here's a few ways you can benefit from employing the power of email marketing campaigns - building an opt-in list.

Here is a rundown of tips on how to succeed in this kind of marketing endeavor.

1. Strategic Collection of Data

Know which information from your audiences will help you in lowering expenses and/or make sales flourish. Devise a tactic to make people voluntarily provide you with the information necessary to create higher conversion.

Overload of data is not good. Ask only for opt-in, with their full name and email addresses. Make sure that the profiles that you gather are updated to aid in improving the relevance, timeliness and satisfaction from each deal you make.

2. Good Implementation

Old adage says it all - 'action speaks louder than words'. This easily translates to the difficulty you have to undergo during the execution of his or her email marketing efforts. It's a good thing that various methods, often low-cost, abound to hasten and facilitate the building up of your opt-in database.

Tracking your email marketing results can pose great hardship, too. Technology and relevant sources should be employed in making this aspect of your marketing a lot manageable. Your high traffic groups of opt-ins with the greatest result should be taken noted of.

The following are the most widely used methods to leverage channels without overspending:

1. Make use of websites.

It is an excellent tool for data collation and providing you with relevant info regarding your email offers. Use forms that solicit your visitor's email address and consent.

2. Make use of print ads, brochures, TV, radio and direct mail.

These are the more popular ways of marketing aiming to lead traffic to one's site. You may want to ask for signups for email services. Make your website more visible through these media. Offering free electronic newsletters and or rewards program can do well in making it easy to win the nod of your audiences, too.

3. Maximize your sales force.

Customer service associates can help a lot in making you benefit more from your email correspondence. Sales people with proper education on how to aid you in this endeavor can very well contribute to higher ROI. Techniques like offering account updates and special programs through email can easily land you those lists of valuable visitors.

4. Don't make your point of sale pointless.

Forms for signup located at cash registers and other high-traffic and highly visible spots can be very excellent venues for your business to collect email addresses. Notification of upcoming sales through their email addresses and names can coax them to supply you with the information you need.

5. Conferences or trade shows can work, too.

Giveaway offers or entries on sweepstakes are great for opt-in to volunteer their contact details.

These tactics should be applied with adequate caution and should focus on earning the trust of your opt-in list instead of simply collating data for your sole own benefit. Always make sure that the forms that you will use and other methods that you will employ will not necessitate too much fuss to subscribe. This is for people to not be annoyed during the process of data supplication.

With that bunch of information, who can ever go wrong with the feat of building an opt-in list? Well, you can, but hopefully you know agree that there is much to be gained from building an effectively targeted opt-in list. And that provided you make sure your list member has opted-in, and that your provide quality and relevant content there should be no reason to worry about giving offence, after all they can always opt-out.

What’s the deal with Inside the List then?

Inside the List confirms in significant detail how an opt-in email list is the unmatched, most valuable marketing tool available on the Internet today. You probably already realize that "attacking" the internet Marketing industry using different techniques is the best way to achieve a very high level of success, to create multiple income streams and to continue to grow with the industry. Well the best technique is opt-in email marketing.

It is written in an honest narrative that both a newbie and non-technically minded beginner can understand and yet is jam-packed with unique and advanced strategies for experienced internet marketers alike. Inside The List takes you by the hand and leads you step by step, initially explaining the concept of Email Marketing, showing you in easy to follow steps how to set up an Autoresponder account and campaign correctly and efficiently to generate an income simply by sending out emails to your growing list. It also provides additional valuable resources and tips.

To give you a feel for the depth of coverage in this definitive guide, here is the book’s content:

Section 1 - Introduction
Welcome to Inside The List
About the Authors
Why Our Techniques Work

Section 2 – Getting Started
Introduction to Email Marketing
Benefits of Email Marketing
Intro to Autoresponders
Autoresponder Benefits
Setting up an Autoresponder

Section 3 – Leads
Capturing Leads
Short Copy Squeeze Pages
Long Copy Squeeze Pages
Short or Long Copy?
Collecting Subscribers from an Existing Webpage
Collecting Visitor Information

Section 4 – Mailing List Offers
Offering Incentives
Follow-up Messages
Broadcast Messages
Quick Promoter Technique

Section 5 – Utilizing List Potential
Utilizing List Potential
Open Rates
Case Study: Increasing Open Rates
Email Linking Strategies
Email Timing
Case Study: Free Internet Marketing Course

Section 6 Advanced List Settings
Advanced List Settings
Custom Views
Email Personalization & Dynamic Inserts
Aweber Email Parser

Section 7 – Squeeze Page Techniques
Advanced Squeeze Page Techniques
Mailing Lists and DPO
Redirecting Signups

Section 8 – Generating Traffic
Free Traffic Sources
Paid Traffic Sources
Targeting Your Traffic: Channels
Targeting Your Traffic: Audiences

Section 9 – Bonus Section
Bonus Section
10 Hottest Mailing List Markets
How to Create Incentives
Promoting Gambling & Pharmaceuticals
Adsense and Mailing Lists
Product Hype with Mailing Lists
Killer Ad Writing Techniques
Freeware & Mailing Lists
Squeeze Page Templates

Section 10 – Summary
More about Kyle & Carson

Section 11 – Resources
Useful Links

The authors of Inside The List are Email Marketing 'experts' who are have used the techniques taught to increase profits 500% and take their online income to circa $3000 per day profit. I have personally utilized the techniques taught so far by Carson & Kyle in all my online campaigns and seen a dramatic improvement in my profits.

Email Marketing has a bad name because of the word SPAM. Does "Inside The List" focus on spam? No, not in any way, shape, or form. We all hate spam with a vengeance, because it is VERY annoying. But targeted email marketing techniques using verified opt-in mailing lists where subscribers manually sign up to your list are beneficial to your subscribers, and hands down the most effective marketing tool available.

If you don’t know how to get started with an autoresponder, a lead capture page and other basic mechanics then Inside the List will be very beneficial to you. It will help you to get started, but much more understand your subscribers, know their pain, know how they feel, what they want, how you can help THEM. A quality email list provides you with a direct line of communication with your target market, but importantly it enables you to develop a long-term trusting relationship with your subscribers.

The key to using an opt-in list effectively is to develop quality and quantity. You can without doubt, use opt-in mailing lists to create HUGE amounts of money online each and every month, and as an Internet Marketer they should become a VERY integral part of your success online. If you've struggled with this, this article will reveal some of the most effective methods used to build an opt-in list. If you're not using these methods, you're leaving cash on the table every single week.

If you really want to build a responsive and massive opt-in list, you MUST initially capture your potential subscribers. An effective way to do this is taught in Inside the List, that is the use of a squeeze page, which can gain achieve sign up rates as high as 80%, especially by using an incentive. Alternatively, and if you have and existing web page, you can utilise an opt-in form, using the code that your autoresponder service provides. To increase your subscriptions even further, you can also place a subscription box on each page of your website.

There are many techniques to getting people onto a targeted list, BUT put yourself in their place, ask “Why would they want to subscribe to your list ?” You MUST give your visitors a reason to subscribe. Get Inside the head of your List.

Using incentives is a highly effective method of obtaining new subscribers. Incentives can be quite different, but they ALL must provide value to your list AND be highly relevant to your target audience. Furthermore, these incentives should be free, and delivered to the visitor instantly upon signing up to you mailing list.

Examples include:
- Free e-books
- Free e-courses
- Free newsletters
- Ezines
- Product Updates
- Special reports
- Special software programs that will assist your visitors
- Member exclusives or discounts
If you're not comfortable developing your own incentive, there are many to be found online.

Once you have generated a large list of opt-ins you will need to utilize it effectively as a profit source. You will need to learn about email open rates, email linking strategies, timing and how to increase click-through and conversion rates. In short you need to learn how to work the list. You need to understand the techniques and processes taught in Inside The List!


The key to profiting from an opt-in list is maintaining quality and attentive subscribers, and over time building quantity. The rapport you build with your subscribers will determine your relative success. They subscribed for a reason. If you don’t keep this front of mind and provide relevant and quality content you’ll lose them.

Once you've developed an affinity with your opt-ins, you have effectively got inside their heads, and your email marketing will then be a very effective method of promotion, which should pay you handsomely time and time again. You are throwing away thousands of dollars every year if you are not using email marketing in your internet marketing arsenal, and if you need help getting started, Inside the List, an all-in-one reference and instructional guide may well best investment you have ever made in your internet marketing future.

Internet Marketing: The Fine Line between Internet Marketing and Spam====

Savvy business owners who take advantage of Internet marketing realize there is a fine line between marketing and spam and orchestrate their marketing campaigns to gain the maximum amount of exposure without running the risk of being viewed as spam. The definition of spam is open to interpretation but most people agree on the fact that spam is equivalent to junk mail you receive at your residence. In general spam is unsolicited emails which are part of an advertising campaign. The term spam can also apply to message board postings which are posted solely for advertising purposes. This article will examine the differences between effective Internet marketing and spam.

First we will consider the use of message boards for the purpose of Internet marketing. Message boards are essentially online meetings places for Internet users who share a particular interest to exchange idea, ask or answer questions or just socialize. These message boards allow users to register and post messages. Most message boards have asset of guidelines which the users must follow when making posts. These guidelines may vary widely with some being very strict about acceptable content and others not being nearly as strict. It is important to follow these guidelines because failure to do so may result in the moderators deleting your account and other members not paying much attention to your posts.

Message boards are ideal for Internet marketing because they can provide a business owner with access to a specialized target audience. If you are in the business for finding jobs for employees who wish to telecommute, you might join a message board dedicated to working from home to find members who may be interested in your products. Here you may learn a great deal about the concerns of your target audience. You can also take the opportunity to post links to your website when appropriate and in accordance with the message board guidelines. This is considered to be smart Internet marketing. However, if you opt to respond to each and every post with a link to your website even when it is not relevant and do not offer comments of value to other members, they are likely to view your posts as spam. This can be damaging because these members may opt to avoid your website even if they have a need for your services.

E-newsletters and email advertising are one area of Internet marketing which is most likely to be viewed as spam if not done properly. Most Internet users to not appreciate unsolicited emails especially when these emails do not pertain to a subject that interests them. This is often the case when business owners buy email lists and send their advertisements to everyone on the list. This is not effective because you are not likely to reach a large population of your target audience. Additionally, recipients of the email may block your email address so future communications are automatically sent to a spam folder. Some recipients may even report you to their Internet service provider who may investigate the claim that you are a spammer. A better way to approach the concept of email marketing is to only send e-newsletters and advertisements to past customers who have specifically asked to receive such emails and potential customers who have requested additional information.

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