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Don’t Be A Bump On A Blog! How To Effectively Use A Blog To Increase Website Traffic---

Almost anyone can create a website these days, but only a select few will be able to maintain enough traffic for their site to be considered successful. Maintaining and increasing traffic to your website may not be a priority if you only have your website for personal purposes. If you run your business through your website however, increasing traffic can mean a world of difference. Chances are if you are on a tight budget, advertising is not a great option for you. There are ways to advertise your website without paying any fees. One great way to get your website address out there is through a blog. There are several ways to use a blog to increase website traffic. Take a look below to get a few ideas that will help you get started.

Before you begin, you will need to decide whether you want to create your own blog, or utilize the blogs of others for your task. There are advantages to both methods. Creating your own blog can be a lot of fun, but it also takes a little time. There are several great websites that offer free blogs to those who choose to create their own. The free websites often have extremely simple steps to use that will help you get your blog rolling right away, allowing even those with limited computer skills to create a blog in less than an hour. You may want to read on to see which methods of blog use you want to try before determining whether you want your own blog or not.

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website using a blog is by using search terms. This can be done in several ways; however you probably will want to create your own blog for these. To utilize search terms, you need to post them on your blog or throughout articles on your blog. For example, if your website is about fishing and you want to target fishermen, then you can post articles containing fishing terms on your blog. You can even simply post lists of fishing terms on your blog as well. When fishermen get online and do searches for these terms, chances are they will be led to a link to your blog. At that point, you will need to also post many links to your fishing website. This will possibly draw the fishermen in and get them to click on the link to your website. When using the search engine approach, you will need to find software that allows you to see exactly which search engines are most popular. Then you can cater your search engine lists and articles to fit the most popular words. Blogs are perfect for search engine terms and articles because you can literally post anything you want on a blog without it being inappropriate. Even professional websites use this approach and it has been found to be one of the most effective out there. Not to mention, it is free for you to utilize.

Another way to use a blog to increase traffic to your website is simply by posting. This can be done on other blogs that you read as well. In the comments area, you can post a response to blogs you read that includes your website link. This should only be done when you are writing a legitimate comment however. Otherwise, if you simply use the comment line for your personal ad space, you will deter many people from clicking on your link due to it being considered rude. Just read as many blogs a day as you can, make legitimate comments, and include your website link in your signature. This is a fast way to get an increase in traffic.

No matter if you want to use your own blog or someone else’s blog to help you increase traffic to your website, blogs are effective in doing so. You can use blogs at no cost and create pathways for new traffic that you otherwise would never be able to reach and attract. As you probably know, the success of your website depends largely on the amount of traffic it receives. Therefore, focusing on the amount of traffic you should attract is an important aspect of running your website. Use these tips to help you easily use blogs to increase your website traffic.

Dot Com Not Listed in Regional Yahoo? Don’t Despair!------

If you’re a non-American business with a .com web address, and your regional Yahoo ranking is important to you, then my story might interest you.

Recently my copywriting website dropped out of Yahoo’s Australian rankings. For quite a while, it had been at number 1 for my primary keywords “advertising copywriter”, “copywriter”, and “website copywriter”. But then it suddenly disappeared. I clicked through about 10 pages of results, and it was nowhere to be seen. I then searched for my domain, and Yahoo couldn’t find it.

Something smelt fishy.

I’d done nothing ‘naughty’ to my site to warrant a ban, and I still had heaps of links to my site (actually, I had more than ever before).

I’m an Australian advertising copywriter. I’m based just north of Sydney and I host my website with a major Australian host. But my web address is a .com, not a .au. I started thinking this might be the problem.

So I emailed Yahoo support, explaining the problem, and sharing my thoughts on the cause.

And all of a sudden, nothing happened.

So I waited. And I waited. And I waited. And finally, after about a couple of weeks, I received an email from a Yahoo support representative informing me – incorrectly – that my keyword wasn’t featured in my page title or description. I should remedy this shortcoming and re-submit my site to Yahoo.

Frustrated, I replied. I repeated the important facts from the first email just to ensure they’d listened. They hadn’t. They hadn’t even searched for my domain to confirm that Yahoo no longer recognised it.

When they got back to me this time, they had started paying a bit more attention. The support rep confirmed my suspicion that Yahoo had excluded my site because of its .com URL. Her very helpful solution was that I should change my domain to .au! She included some ridiculously complex instructions for how to do so, and sent me on my merry way.

As you might expect, I wasn’t satisfied. Nor was I merry. I explained to her that this was not an acceptable solution because all the links to my site on the internet are pointing to the .com and my email address uses the .com.

She was unmoved. She asserted that this was the best and only way to solve the problem. Oh… and it might help if I added my primary keyword to my title and description.

My laughter was not good humoured! I wrote back expressing my displeasure at this “solution”. I painstakingly explained how Yahoo had made a mistake, and that if Google was capable of recognising my Australian business despite its .com addresses, I would think it’s technically possible. I also cited several other .coms in the first couple of pages of Australian results.

No response.

The situation didn’t look promising…

If this sounds like a familiar story to you, don’t despair. A week or two later, I searched Yahoo Australia for my primary keyword, and surprise, surprise… My site was ranked number 1 again!

The moral to the story? Don’t be intimidated by Yahoo. Trust your instincts and don’t give up. If you’re an Australian business with a .com, and you’re not listed in Australian searches, this might be why. In fact, I would think this story is relevant to all regional Yahoos. (Of course, before making any accusations, it’s a good idea to make sure your site is properly optimised and that you have plenty of inbound links.)

Anyway, that’s my story. I hope it helps someone.

And they all lived happily ever after. So far at least…

Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Web Site------

If you've got a web site then one of your biggest marketing challenges is how to generate traffic without spending a fortune. Whether you're trying to build your ezine or prospect list or get potential customers to contact you or buy your products or services, getting people to your web site is a must and can be a challenge.

Especially if you don't have a big budget to spend on online marketing, and if you're having a tough time getting your site to show up in the search engine rankings. All of this was (and continues to be!) one of my biggest marketing challenges.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not one to back off from a challenge. In fact, give me one and I'll do whatever it takes to overcome it. I'm going to share with you one marketing technique I've used to immediately get my web site to the top of the search engine rankings and to triple my web site traffic in just a couple of months.

Getting qualified traffic to your web site

If you've got a web site then one of your marketing tasks is generating qualified traffic to that web site. What exactly is qualified traffic? Qualified traffic consists of people who are looking for what you are offering. They're in the market for what you're selling and they are actively searching for it.

Does your site show up on page 10 of the search results, or perhaps doesn't even show up at all?

If you're like many small business owners, you don't have the technical knowledge, expertise or time to do what it takes to get your site to naturally achieve a top-ranking in Google and the other major search engines.

You can move your site to Number 1 in less than a day

Take my web site,, for example. There are tons of web sites on marketing. Achieving a number one Google ranking, or even a top 10 ranking could take a very long time to achieve even if I do everything right. But I want web site traffic NOW!

I want people who are searching for information on "marketing plans" and "how to market" to find out about me now, not months from now or a year from now (well I want them then, too, I just don't want to wait until then!)

I did it and it works!

Did you know you can buy your way to the top? That's exactly what I did, and you can do it, too. A text advertising service available through Google, called Google Adwords, enables anyone to have a text ad and a link to their web site show up as the top-ranked site for their selected keywords (keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines when they're looking for information on the web).

These text ads show up on the right hand side of the results page when searchers type in your selected keywords. You'll see them on any page, under the title "Sponsored Links." Google even offers a keyword tool to help you pick the best keywords for your site.

You can spend as little or as much as you want

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can determine the ranking and page your ad shows up on. You can very easily garner the number one spot. You select your maximum daily budget so you'll never spend more than you can afford and you can easily test different ads to see which ones work best.

You only pay for those who click

And the best part is, you only pay when someone clicks on your link. The other plus here is you'll know if your ad is working by watching what percentage of those who see your ad actually click on it. And if its not working as well as you'd like, you can easily change it.

It's all tracked so you know whether it's working

Google offers excellent tracking reports so you know exactly how many people saw your ad and how many clicked on it. You can send them to any page on your web site (for example, you might want to send them directly to your products page, or the page where they can register for your free ezine or special report).

The quickest way to boost your web site traffic

I used Google Adwords to start generating web site traffic and ezine subscribers my second month in business. My results were so good I maxed-out my budget in a matter of weeks and had to put my ad on "pause" (stop running it for awhile). The way I look at it that's a good problem to have, considering all those clicks led to new subscribers and customers.

3x the traffic in less than 3 months

Between this technique and the one I'll tell you about next week, I was able to triple my web site traffic in less than three months. And you can bet I'll continue using both of these marketing techniques to keep growing my web site traffic. I love them because they're simple enough for anyone to do and they don't cost a lot.

Drive traffic to your website through targeted marketing!------

So you got your website up and running. You hired an excellent web designer to craft a perfect home page and satellite pages that will really draw in the visitors and inspire them to buy. You have a beautiful catalog of products with detailed descriptions. You have a section dedicated to the services you provide with praises from past customers. And you have the best online shopping cart service out there so that you customers can buy from you with no hassles and next day shipping. That's great! Now where are your customers?

Driving traffic to your website is a much discussed and much misunderstood venture. There are a million theories out there that claim to drive tons of new visitors to your site daily. There are services that say they will increase your traffic by an enormous percentage if you will only pay them their small fee over a period of fifty years. There are so-called experts who will place your pages on all the best search engines on the net. They claim that with this kind of blanket exposure, your traffic numbers will explode within days.

But the only sure-fire way to draw productive traffic to your website is through targeted marketing. The important word to notice here is "productive." You can draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site every year by hosting a giveaway of some kind. Services that search the internet for freebies will have people clicking a link to your site like crazy. But these people are not there to buy anything from you ... quite the opposite. They are empty clicks. There is nothing productive about this kind of traffic. People looking for free stuff will rarely make you any kind of money. And that's what you're after, right?

So target your marketing to the people who really want to buy what you have to offer. How? Start by trying these basic steps...

* Hire an experienced copywriter. The copy that is on your site makes a world of difference in the sales you garner from the internet. Most important to targeted marketing are the keywords found in your title and the metatags in the website's code. An experienced copywriter will know how to determine the most effective keywords and place them strategically in your site's copy. If you cannot afford a copywriter, do some research and talk to your web designer about inserting metatags.

* You can enroll in pay per click search engines. Obviously, is one of these, but most of the most popular keywords are already taken. If you can think of some original phrases that people use to search for your products or services, you can post your ad next to the text that comes up when people search for that phrase. Every time someone clicks on your ad to go to your site, you pay a nominal fee.

* Submit articles to free ezine sites. This is especially helpful if you are a service provider. You can write, or hire someone to write, an article for you about your area of expertise. Give some free tips, offer your experience, and be accessible in the text. Then at the bottom of the article, you get a link to your website advertising your services. Every time someone publishes your article in their ezine, newsletter or article directory they must use your web address at the bottom.

These are just a few of the many ways to ensure you get "productive" traffic. Empty clicks are just that ... empty... and your wallet will stay that way, too!

Drive Traffic to Your Website With Articles------

Many people begin their online road to riches dream by starting up a website and trying to sell a product they have created themselves. They may have written an e-book, recorded a cd of original songs, or knitted some lovely potholders with pictures of cats on them.

Enormous volumes of hype have been published with the claim that the internet is an easy, if not mindless, way to riches. The internet is now a global advertising grid, and millions of people surf each day for things they would like to buy, learn about, or discover. They search for the needle in the electronic haystack that suits their fancy for the moment. Shopping online has now become reasonably safe.

The first problem is, how will shoppers with a credit card and the urge to shop find your website? A count as of January1, 2005, suggested there may be as many as 11.5 billion public webpages published. That was just over a year ago at the time of this writing, so that number can only be much higher today. To expose your little website selling cat potholders to prospective customers may take a little a little work.

Search engines use complex algorithms (mathematical formulae) to determine if the content of a website matches its owners claims. Self-proclaimed experts who follow this route for exposure must research every day to ensure their success. The search engine companies themselves keep their algorithms secret to avoid unscrupulous marketers taking unfair advantage of the whole internet shopping and surfing experience.

So what is a potholder seller to do? Search engine experts can charge upwards of $25,000 to guarantee that your site might be the first to be found when someone enters a search. That’s a whole lot of lovely cat potholders. Some very easy and free methods are available to drive traffic to your website. One of them is writing simple articles. You’re reading this one right now, aren’t you?

Hundreds of “article directories” exist on the web just for this purpose. The main and simplest thing people search for on the internet is information. People want to know about something, and often a good place to find a snippet of information is in an article directory. Thousands of 500-1500 word articles have been written and published on the internet, and people love to read them. If they are short and informative, they will become popular to read, and not too time consuming.

Then once your website is up on the net, write a brief, helpful article about your product. Target the style and content of your writing to suit your friends and customers, and also yourself. The average newspaper is written for a grade 9 level reader, and tabloids are written for a grade 6 level or lower. Writing on the internet runs the whole gamut of education. Explain a problem that needs to be solved, and at the end provide a solution. Sales copy is more involved than this, but an article should be entertaining, or fit the parameters of a possible search.

The most important part of the article, besides the content and the attention grabbing headline, is a live link to your website in the author’s bio at the bottom. More often than not, the reader will click the link, if it is live, to see what other information might be available on that particular subject. This link must lead straight to your potholder website. A reader is less likely to copy and paste your website address into their browser if another similar article is listed in the directory.

Write a short paragraph stating your expertise with cat potholders, and invite the reader to visit your website. This will be your “author’s bio”. If someone does read the whole article, they are often curious who wrote it, if it covers the subject they are interested in. Most article directories will accept html code in the bio box.

Search for the words “article directory”, and make a list of as many as you can. Most directories are free to read and submit your articles to. Registration is usually necessary, with your email as the username. Get another free email address to use specifically for article submission to avoid any trouble with spam.

After you have submitted your article, it may take a few days for publication. Check back to the directory to see if your article is published and your link is working. Then do it all again. The articles will stay published forever, or as long as the directory exists. Over time, people will continue to read your article, and click back to your website. If you submit your article to 20 directories, and 40 people interested in cat potholders read it, that’s 800 more potential customers from one article. If you have the time to write 20 little articles, and submit them to 40 directories, and 40 people read each one over time, well you do the arithmetic.

Article submission is one easy, quick and guaranteed way to direct some website traffic your way, and at almost no cost. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed.

Driving Targeted Traffic To your Website-----

I guess everyone will agree if I said that obtaining enough highly targeted traffic is the key to success in affiliate marketing business. This method is proven to be effective if you’re promoting or reselling product or service online. One of the best and most secured marketing strategies that affiliate marketers can employ is the strategy of paying for performance. This means that your investments are used only on results such as additional sales and incomes.

In online marketing business like affiliate marketing, no traffic means no sales. That’s the reason why most affiliates or webmasters easily shell out even big bucks just to get top rankings on the search engines. Once you are promoting a product or service in you web page, you need to have more visitors that can be potential consumers to your products and services. This is one of the fundamental rules to succeed in online marketing business. Here, you just need to start and get it right and you can do some things wrong but still manage to succeed. Don’t ever try to get it wrong because no matter how hard you work, you can never find yourself on the way to success.

Let’s take a practical example. Paying for performance could mean giving a commission to a sales person only when new sale is made. This strategy assures you real profit because you can already compute the amount of money you have to spend for every new sale made. Also, you can avoid spending any marketing bucks because every cent you use up has either come from sale or will generate a sale in the future.

And one of the proven and most efficient ways of acquiring sales in affiliate marketing business is by drawing laser-targeted traffic towards your web site and converting them to sales by means of “Pay-Per-Click” Search Engines (PPCSEs).

PPCSEs like Overture can bring impressive sales because they permit you to pay for performance by means of attracting precisely targeted traffic to your niche. And this means people or site visitors who are actively searching for what precisely you are offering or selling. Overture’s secret is to drive laser-targeted traffic to your website by proposing or bidding on keywords that are related to the product or services that you are offering. And this strategy works this way: the more exact the keyword is, the better results you’ll receive and the less you’ll have to spend for each new sale.

Overture claims to be the Internet’s best pay-per-click search engine. It is the world’s leading resource of Pay-For-Performance search on the web. And what’s more enticing about Overture? When you advertise in Overture Premium Listings, your site will absolutely appear in the leading U.S. search engines like Yahoo, InfoSpace, MSN, Netscape, AltaVista, Lycos and more. Plus, you can get the benefit of reaching more than 80% of active Internet users.

Overture drives targeted traffic by keeping you away from the general keywords that are very common and usually come expensive and by casting a wide net of laser-focused keywords that are more targeted, not so expensive, and with high conversion rate. I’ll tell you, attracting laser-targeted traffic through Overture is nothing but a “Win-Win” Situation.

Overture’s strategy also allows your visitors to respond. And what’s important once you get your visitors to respond? Well, you are given a chance to develop lifetime customers that will patronize your product and will buy from you over an over again. Bear in mind that one-time sales can’t be a key in creating a highly profitable business especially online. You can only achieve this through PPCSEs like Overture, which gets your site visitors to respond. And once it happens, you can constantly market and sell your products to them.

Another tactic that Overture uses in order to gain laser-targeted traffic is to have a “Back-Up Response” for those who “almost bought” your product on the first visit. To successfully realize this, you need to market and advertise to them over and over again until you make them a new customer. Offer them an incentive so that they’ll allow you to advertise to them over a certain time span by means of e-mail or post mail. Here are some of the back-up responses, which you can use: send a free e-mail newsletter, give a free catalog and offer a promo or sweepstakes, which gives them the chance to win free merchandise.

Other things that will surely attract lifetime customers to your site are offering valued customer discounts, giving seasonal and special offers especially to your repeat customers and any other incentives to purchase. Don’t get me wrong with this; the abovementioned strategies can surely develop a trusted relationship between you and your customers. Aside from patronizing your products over their lifetime, they may even refer others to you or to your site.

Driving the traffic instantly in 2 days for Webmasters!!-----

The major reason that makes a website a success or a failure on the internet is traffic. Many webmasters have no problem creating quality content, beautiful graphics, excellent sales letters, wonderful product and many more. The only thing that matters most is traffic. Good quality traffic and quality targeted traffic in a matter of days after launching can be a headache sometimes.
Every webmaster has the same problem at the start. Even me!! Solutions like Google Adsense, Adwords, Classified, Banner Advertising, Blogging, Seminars, niche advertising, article advertising, press release, opt in lists, affiliate programs, search engines can be rather costly and may not create the kind of speed that some webmasters want to experience.
In actual fact, there is a hidden and unexplored way which many webmasters seldom leave out!! Link Trading!! I tried this out and within a day, I have a double increase in traffic flow to my newly launched website.
Imaging having your website link added to 8000 over websites which are linked to many more, you are instantaneously connected to a network of millions of website which are already generating a huge traffic flow.
With just a click, you can immediately get your website link to this enormous database which is hard to tap upon. On top of that, you can also generate money through advertising this database subscription through its affiliate program. With the generated traffic coming in, this is the only fast instant way that you are able to generate instant traffic flow without paying for it in the long run!
This is the way which new webmasters should go into first while working on a decent budget. Link up your website today by joining the webmaster community today!! It will give a guaranteed results within a few days.
Traffic generators like search engine will take time to crawl into your website. No more manual linking by trading links with webmasters you do not know!! By putting this link exchange program, you can just generate and boost your ranking up the search engines within a short period of time. With the various categories that the database offers, your link will be link on to a very niche market that you are targeting!!
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E books - the source of knowledge

Driving Traffic into Your Landing Page-----

In the first portion of this article, we discussed driving traffic into your landing page using pay per click advertisement and natural search engine optimization. Now, both of those methods can be effective, but they both usually have rather high barriers to entry and require a lot of work.

Luckily, you do have another option: human connections. And this is where most Internet marketers fail. They don't realize the power of human connections because they are so caught up in the idea of making transactions and collecting massive checks without having to deal with customers and clients.

One quick way to get traffic through human connections is a joint venture. You can enter into a joint venture by compiling a list of possible “partners” -- or people who might be able to assist you in some mutually-beneficial way. This list might include other list owners in your niche, site owners in your niche, and experts.

There's only one important thing you should keep in mind when contacting joint venture partners – and that is to make it as quick, easy, and beneficial for them as possible. If they have no incentive for doing it, they probably wont even reply to you. And if it isn't easy, they'll accept other joint venture offers over yours.

Another way in which you can drive traffic to your landing page is through blog and forum posting; however, it is important that you do not spam, as many businesses do. Instead, actually participate on the forum, provide people with something of value; and, after a while, post your product in your signature – and try to network with people on the forum who work in similar fields.

Your approach to blog posting should be similar. Include a signature file that links back to your landing page, but don't spam. Instead, post useful comments. This is not only more ethical, but it is plainly more effective. Spam gets deleted. Good comments get praised, inducing people to follow your link and check out your products.

Earn Money Online Non-stop by Generating Stampedes of Traffic Using Only Free Methods

Let’s face it, you can set up the most beautiful site in the world by the most professional web designers and still make zero profit if you do not know how to promote your site. What you need is traffic! Without traffic, your site is like a mansion in the middle of the Sahara desert and nobody will ever visit you. You need tons and herds of traffic that will cause a stampede and trample your site in an unstoppable manner! Only then can you earn money online non-stop and blow your profits through the roof.

But what happens if you are starting your online business on a shoestring budget and still need traffic. Well, the good thing about the internet is that it can allow the “little guy” to earn money online along with the big boys even with a low starting budget. With a bit of effort, the little guy can succeed as much as the big boys do. The following are some of the free methods to generate massive traffic to your site and let you earn money online with absolutely no costs at all.

1. Article Writing and Submission
This is by far the most rewarding free method and has stood the test of time as a powerful traffic generation strategy. Using your expertise and knowledge to write compelling and informational articles and submitting them to online article directories will reward you with more benefits than you can imagine. Your articles will come with your own resource box where you are allowed to place your own description and website links in them and allow the reader to click through to your website. Readers who like the information in your articles are going to perceive you as an expert in the field and are already pre-sold thus gaining you immediate credibility. By the time they reach your site, you are an expert in their eyes and whatever you sell on your site will seem like a million dollars to them and you will earn money online effortlessly.

Another huge benefit of article writing and submission include the backlinks that lie in the resource box. Many article writers who have no search engine optimization knowledge (SEO) will perceive the resource box as only a gateway to their site. But article writers with SEO knowledge will understand that backlinks are actually an important aspect of ranking high in search engines to earn money online. The text used with the backlinks known as “anchor text” determine what keywords your website will actually rank high in. This brings us to the next free traffic generation technique.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Contrary to what many people say, search engine optimization (SEO) is not rocket science. With a little study and research, you will discover that the common techniques to rank high for the keywords you want are actually very simple. Here are some simple tips to get you going with SEO to earn money online the free way.

SEO starts off with on-page optimization. The page that you want to rank high for the specific keyword you want should ideally be centered on that keyword. What do you mean by centered on the keyword? It means the topic of your webpage should be focused on that keyword. Your page title, H1 H2 header tags, image tag, first and last paragraphs should have the keyword in it. The keyword density which is the number of times your keyword appears in the total number of words on the page should ideally be between 3-5% according to SEO experts. All these will contribute to your page ranking higher for the keyword you are gunning for and allow you to earn money online with ease. However, on-page optimization is not the only factor. Another major factor is off-page optimization.

Off-page optimization basically refers to off the page factors that can increase your ranking in the search engines. This is the part where a bit more effort is required to gain the traffic you desire. The most important off-page factor that affects the ranking of your webpage is the number of backlinks and the focus of the pages that are linking to your page. The pages that link to your page should ideally have the same focus as your page and thus are highly relevant to the content of your page. The anchor text used to link to your page should also consist of your keyword and the more of such backlinks you have the higher your page will rank in the search engines. Combining good on-page and off-page optimization is a deadly strategy for getting floods of free traffic that will let you earn money online non-stop.

The above two techniques serve as a starting point to generate hordes of free traffic and let you earn money online successfully. So take action now and bring your site out of the desert and let the world see its beauty. Be sure to read part 2 of the article to find out more powerful free traffic generation methods.

Efficient effective expert services----

To give a boost to your on-line marketing activities, having a well designed website is not enough. If your website is attractive, than you are definitely step ahead of your counterparts in the market. But equally important is having quality visitors on your site, who have the potential of becoming your customers.

A well promoted website is must. If a web user, searching for a product or service that you offer, ends up landing on your home page, than it can be said that your web site is well promoted. A well promoted site will definitely bring more visitors, more conversions and more business.

A lot of strategic planning and proper scheduling is required to promote a site. At Oms3 we run a complete website promotion program. We are involved in all kind of traffic generation activities. The professional who assist you in your website promotion, are experts having years of experience in this field.

As it is said that a strong foundation is must, for any structure to stand tall for long. Before planning any traffic generation activity, a proper analysis is done of the web traffic. Keeping into mind your line of business and your target customers, a proper web promotion strategy is shaped.

Following are the part of our website promotion services

Search engine optimization

Paid placement and management of ad campaigns

Campaign tracking

Attractive and creative content writing

Intensive keyword research

Increased bank links

Viral marketing that involves passing on of messages across the web users

A weekly report is sent to you, giving detailed information of the traffic visiting your site. This helps you understand the demographic and psychographic profile of your visitors and design your marketing strategies according.

To avail our services at cost effective rates, contact us right away.

Establish Your Own Online Community To Increase Website Traffic------

Research shows that many people love to use the web to communicate with other people around the world. Some people will use the web primarily to talk with family and friends, but most people enjoy talking to the complete strangers they meet via chat rooms or message forums. It was once unrealistic to think social bonds could be created this way, but today these communications are completely accepted. With more people using the web for this type of communication, website operators are beginning to utilize the “chat” trend.

The way website operators do this is by establishing their own online communities. They can do this in several ways. One way website operators can create online communities is by offering chat functions on their website. By creating chat rooms for visitors to utilize, website operators are subtly inviting visitors to return as frequently as they wish. Many visitors might come with the intention of making a short visit, but then may try the chat room out. If they enjoy their conversations with others there, it is likely they will return frequently to chat again. To make this work however, there will need to be someone in the room available to chat at most hours. You may have to assign people to take on this task at first, while the room’s participants grow. After the room takes off however, the members will likely maintain it themselves.

Another way to build an online community on your site is by creating message boards for visitors to post on. Message boards are another popular way to get visitors to become part of your website’s community. You can offer boards for general chat or for specific topics. You can incorporate your website’s subject into the message boards as well. For instance, if your site was mostly about computers, you could offer a message board where visitors could post questions and get answers from experts and other visitors as well. This is a great way to get people to keep coming back to your site. Not only will people who post begin to rely on your site for information but they will likely also develop “relationships” with other posters and use your board as a place to communicate with them.

When setting your online community up, think about exactly what you want to do. If you are relying on the community to bring most of your traffic, you probably want to make it easy to access from your homepage. You might make it the largest link or the top link on the page. Use different colors and fonts to get the attention of those who visit your site. Making your site easy to navigate is a great way to get people to participate. The goal is to get the attention of your visitors. If you are placing a lot of emphasis on the online community function on your website, then they will be more likely to use it.

You can always offer a small chat area right on your homepage. This can be a great idea for those website operators who want to place the largest emphasis as possible on their online community function. It can however distract viewers from seeing other areas of your website, so be careful when setting your homepage up in this manner. The best thing to do is to create an easy link right to the chat or message area from the top half of your homepage. This allows the user to get right to the intended area.

With thousands of online users spending large amounts of time participating in online communities like chat rooms and message boards, it is logical to believe these functions would help increase traffic on any website. This is an easy and inexpensive way to draw traffic to your site and can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. If you think this may work for you, simply sit down and decide which method to use. Then choose the best plan for adding the online community to your actual site, whether it is on the homepage or a secondary page. Once everything gets rolling, you will be shocked at how effective establishing an online community can be for increasing your website traffic.

Expired Domains: Outrageously Effective Traffic Generation Technique----

Expired domains, how can I receive traffic from them? Can I profit from expired domains?
Those are two very important questions you are asking yourself. Here is the bottom line. You are probably like most on-line entrepreneurs. You have been struggling to snatch your share of that whirl wind of traffic that you hear about from every guru wannabe out there.

Chances are you have probably invested strongly in banner ads, classified ads, search engines or even spent a pile on so-called "safe lists" only to find yourself disappointed again and again.

There is a perfectly legal, outrageously effective, traffic generation technique that, until now, has gone relatively unnoticed by the masses.

What if you could recover existing web traffic that is currently being overlooked and basically being flushed down the toilet?

What if you could grab one of those prized listings in Yahoo that cost $200 with no guarantee you'll even be included in the directory?

What if you could get that traffic for a fraction of what other advertising methods charge?

Expired domains might be an option to mull over. Every day over 3 million hits of targeted traffic are lost due to abandoned web sites.

Why does this happen?

Webmasters may lose interest or they don't have the money or time to manage the site. Occasionally they just forget to renew. A large part of these expired domain clicks come from sites that were never developed. BUT, some were once solid sites generating traffic and sales.

Expired domains is all about capturing all the effort, time and money that the previous owner developed and putting it to good use for yourself.

What if a domain name had link popularity, had a coveted dotcom (.com) extension, or was even listed in Yahoo or had Google Page Ranking?

What is Link Popularity? Simply put, Link Popularity is the number of other websites that link to your site. Doesn't it stand to reason that if a domain name previously had Link Popularity or was one of those coveted dotcoms or was even listed in Yahoo, that it might have once been a thriving website?

Not only that, but with a little time and effort, you might even be able to pick up some popular domain names just for conjecture or to resell on eBay ! Many of the domain names that expire every day could be resold even without Link Popularity or any of the other "carrots" because they just happen to be highly regarded as a tangible asset. Short, descriptive domain names that end in a ".com" or ".net" are examples of this.

The best part is that you can get these names for the price of registering them, often for less than $10!

Even if you didn't use the domain name to redirect traffic to your own web site, if you find a couple and sell them at auction for $25, $50 or more, that's a pretty suitable return on a very small investment.

A certain amount of caution needs to be taken when using this tool for any purpose. Make certain you do a bit of homework to make sure the previous web site was not an adult site. Occasionally the domain name may not necessarily reflect the former content. There is a tool that can be used to determine the history of the site. Best of all, it's free! Here is the link:

Ezine Advertising–Simple Techniques to Drive Traffic to Your Site-----

The beauty of ezine advertising is that it’s the most targeted form of advertising on the internet. If, for example, someone has subscribed to an ezine about fishing, then they are expressing a strong interest in fishing equipment, tips on improving their skills, travel packages, and an endless list of other possibilities.

This is why ezines are such a good choice. As long as your ad relates closely to the theme of the ezine, the person reading your ad is already halfway toward buying what you have to offer.

There are three types of ads that you can place in your chosen ezine: a classified ad, a sponsor ad, and/or a solo ad.

The classified ad is the smallest and least expensive. This three to five line ad is often run in a block with other classified ads, one on top of another, similar to a page of classified ads in your local newspaper. This contains just a brief description with an email or link to your web site. This costs a few dollars, generally about half the cost of a sponsor ad.

A sponsor ad is placed at the top of the ezine, often under a heading like: "Please support our sponsor.” This ten to fifteen line ad will draw more attention since it is the first thing the reader sees when the email is opened. This is priced around twenty dollars.

The most effective, and naturally the most expensive, is the solo ad. This is not part of the ezine, but instead goes out as an email to everyone on the mailing list. The message is all about you and your product or service. This ad can be as long as 700 words, allowing you to go into great detail, and will cost in the neighborhood of forty to fifty dollars, about twice the cost of a sponsor ad. However, some of the larger ezines may ask for hundreds or even several thousand dollars for a solo ad.

Once you’ve written your ad and chosen an ezine, the best way to proceed is to think like an educator. The most effective teaching method is repetition. Experienced teachers will cover the same information in several different ways. They might lecture one day, followed by a reading assignment and discussion, and then an essay, all on the same topic.

Very few people learn something thoroughly the first time they see it. And few people respond to an ad the first time they see it. Since you are trying to educate and motivate your target audience, you want them to see your ad more than once.

This is best done by first running a solo ad, then running a sponsor ad in the next two or three issues of the same ezine. Finally, for the next five to seven issues run a classified ad. The readers will see your ad for many weeks and begin to understand the message and warm up to your offer. They need time to mull it over, compare products and prices, and decide if they really need it. Give them time, educate them, and they will buy.

Fantastic New Solution For All Your Traffic Troubles.-----

Author: Bert Colijn

The most unique and revolutionary targeted traffic system is called The Best Traffic Of Your Life. Just imagine that there is a way for ANY website owner now to get unlimited massive traffic. It is this NEW traffic generation system that I want to let you know about.

· The ghost is out of the bottle.

The traffic generation system was born in september 2005 and the founders met each other in an internet marketing forum. In the shortest possible time things developped pretty heavily and now 8 month’s later new members keep on flooding into the program.

· The Best Traffic Of Your Life.

Who wants free traffic? Everybody does. Get targeted traffic to your website and with a well built site sales and profit will be the result but only if you target to the people who want to buy what you have to offer.

How is this done? By choosing a subdomain name from the keywords that are highly specific for your website. The visitor is redirected via the subdomain to your main site. It goes without saying that it is a bit more complicated than just this but it is a very simple method that anybody can learn.

· Fantastic traffic generator PLUS income potential.

You can draw thousands of visitors to your site by giving away a freebie of some kind. This wil have people clicking a link to your site like crazy. But these people will not buy from you. These clicks have no meaning. With the keyword targeted marketing you reach the people that are willing to buy from your site. If you would like to make some money than you should have a look at this program and see how:

· The code to unlimited traffic is cracked.

1. Choose a highly specific keyword subdomain name.
2. Choose for the keyword phrase with a small number of competition site’s
3. Choose the search term/keyword phrase that easy ranks on the first page of the search engine(s).

· Anyone can dominate any market with this program.

With this breakthru system you can get thousands of targeted visitors to any website of your choice. The system is easy enough for even a beginner to use.

· The system has highly upset the targeted marketing gurus!

And you can compete with them right now. If you do already have a website the “Owners Panel” is capable of sending targeted visitors to any website you own.

· The answer to all your traffic problems.

People are testing the system since january 2006 and are excited to share their findings and results with others while they are seeing great results even though they have not implemented everything TBTOYL has. Just imagine having your own Control Panel and they send you more targeted traffic than you ever had. TBTOYL is a simple and easy to follow system that can be set up rather quick.

Wish you lots of buying visitors.

Five Inexpensive Ways to Generate Targeted Website Traffic-----

When most people think of traffic, what comes to mind is usually paying for banners and text links. Let's look at some ways to drive free or inexpensive targeted website traffic.

There is one essential ingredient for generating income for any website: A steady flow of targeted website traffic. If no one goes to your site, it won't stand a chance of generating an income. It usually takes some money to maintain an income generating site; and the old saying is also true - takes money to make money.

Have you wondered how the huge portals drive traffic to their site? Most of them are spending tons of money to drive the traffic to their sites, investing in many advertising campaigns and different forms of marketing schemes and strategies.

BUT, it doesn’t need to take a whole lot of cash to generate website traffic for your site.

Fortunately there are many ways to generate low cost website traffic without having to spend what you don’t have or can’t afford. Here you'll find five killer ways to generate low cost but targeted website traffic.

1. Exchange Links

Many webmasters are willing to exchange links with one another so that they could produce more exposure for their sites. You’ll soon see and feel the sudden upsurge of the traffic coming in to your site from other sites.

A major prerequisite in exchanging links with other sites is having the same niche or content as the other site. They should share a common subject so that there is continuity in the providing of service and information to what interests your target traffic.

Exchanging links can also boost your chancs of getting a high ranking in some search engine results. It is common knowledge that some search engines ranks high sites that have inbound and outbound theme-related links. With a good ranking position in the search engines, you will generate more traffic in your website without the high costs.

2. Participate in Traffic Exchanges

This is like exchanging links but on a different higher level. This may cost a bit more than exchanging or trading links but could be made cheaper because you get to earn credits. You can use those credits when viewing others traffic, while you earn credits when someone views yours.

Traffic exchange services are the viewing of another’s site or page. This is done vice versa where a site can use your sites contents and so can you to his or her site. You both benefit from each others efforts to generate traffic. The other sites visitors can go to your pages and know more about your site as well as theirs. Once again the public awareness of your sites existence is boosted.

3. Write and Submit Informative Articles

There are many e-zines and online encyclopedias in the internet which provides free space for articles to be submitted. If you want to save costs, you can do the articles yourself. There are many freelance writers who are willing to write for you for a small fee, but to save money, it is wise to do those articles yourself.

Write articles that are themed along with the niche of your site. Write something that you have expertise on so that when they read it, they can feel your knowledge about the subject and will be eager to go to your site. Write articles that produce tips and guidelines to the subject or niche your site has.

Include a resource box at the end of your article that can link them to your site. Write a little about yourself and your site. If you provide a light, information-laden and interesting article, they will go to your site for more.

4. Start Your Own Newsletter.

This may sound like hard work because of all the articles you may need to use to build a newsletter but on the contrary, this is not so. There are many writers and sites that are willing to provide free articles as long as they can get their name in on your newsletter. This will also provide free advertising for them as well.

As your newsletter grows in popularity, you can profit again and again form repeat loyal visitors.

5. Join Online Communities and Forums

This only requires your time and nothing else. You can share your knowledge and expertise with many online communities as well as your website. You can get free advertising when you go to forums that have the same subject or niche with your site.

Share your opinions and let them see how knowledgeable you are with the subject. As you build your reputation, you also build the reputation of your site, making it a reputable and honest business that could be frequented and trusted by many people.

As you can see targeted website traffic does not need to expensive to be effective. Using the above methods steadily and consistently will have a great effect on your sites profits over time.

Now you can understand why there's a growing interest in traffic. When people start looking for more information about traffic, you'll be in a position to meet their needs.

Five Proven Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Site----

There are so many ways that you can promote your online business or website that it can seem overwhelming. Some methods are more effective than others. So how do you know which ones will work. These five methods are proven to generate traffic to your site as well as generating income for you.

1. Offer a Freebie.

One thing that appeals to everyone is "free." If
it is free people will take it. Think about all the samples of cheese given away at grocery stores. Do you really want a small piece of cheese? Probably not! But you take it anyway simply because it is free and someone is nice
enough to offer it to you. This same principle applies with information or services offered from your website. You can send out free newsletters, free email courses, or offer a free trial period. One popular item being given away now are free credit reports or free PC scans. These freebies are what we in the marketing field like to call "teasers". After running the free credit report or PC scan, the customer is alerted if something unusual is found on their credit record or PC and then presented with an offer to show them what it is or repair the problem for a fee. This can be an effective way to
get information to your potential customers, create sales or generate traffic to your site.

2. Provide Useful Information.

Your website contains information about a service
or a product that you are very knowledgeable about. You can generate traffic to your site by writing articles in your area of expertise and having them published in an ezine or an article
information site or directory. Submitting to directories is often free and can be very effective in generating links back to your site. The most effective way to use articles is to write them for free and ask in return that the publisher allow you to include a byline. A byline is a brief summary of the author and their credentials along with their website. Your byline is a way
that readers will come to know you as an expert on a particular topic. This generates trust that your site is a source of credible information.

3. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Programs.

Some search engines allow a website to
purchase ranking. This is an excellent Internet
marketing technique in that it is effective and
inexpensive. In the pay-per-click programs, your website is billed only for those who actually visit the page. This is a more effective strategy than banner ads which may be seen by millions but only used by a few. When using the pay-per-click
programs you choose keywords relative to your site. When those keywords are entered into the search your site will appear. If the surfer chooses to view your site, you are then billed for that click. Many pay-per-click programs offer several
other benefits as well, including updated lists of
commonly used keywords and tracking.

4. Network with Other Internet Marketers.

Remember that there are many other individuals out there trying to succeed in this business as well. You can choose to network with those who
have similar marketing ideas. When networking, you share links and refer customers to
each other. Always be very cautious when
choosing a networking partner since everything that you recommend is a reflection of yourself or your product. Therefore, be certain that your
networking partner is a reputable source of
information. Know something about the product or service offered by reading, listening to, or by actually using the product.

5. Utilize Offline Sources of Advertising.

Simply because your website is online, doesn't
mean that all your advertising has to be. Advertise
in newspapers, on TV or the radio. You can send out a press release to get your information to thousands of people all over the country. Pass out flyers and postcards in your neighborhood. Use your imagination to find unique ways of letting the public know about your product or service.

Utilize any or all of the above strategies. These five strategies will ensure your internet marketing success when used consistently.

Free Classified Ads Submission Guide----

The best part of being a web site owner - or webmaster, or site stakeholder - is the ability to publish on the world wide web your latest offering. And the cheapest - if not the freest - is through the various classified ads on the Internet.

You can publish your ads through a number of means. One is by manually submitting your ads. Another is by using some free submission program. Still another is downloading some demo submission software.

You can acess the free ads submission sites or demo programs by doing a Google search. Or you can email me for my suggestions. Whichever you choose, it requires some work on your part.

But there is a difficult part to this. One of the most daunting tasks of an Internet-based entrepreneur like you, whether you are experienced or a newbie, is to find high traffic classified ad sites to post your ads.

The purpose is always - and has ever been - to increase your web site traffic. As you know, more site visitors means more revenue.

Your problem is made more difficult by the mushrooming of free classified ad web sites on the Net. Which sites among the hundreds, nay thousands, to submit your ads and links?

The purpose of this article is first, to provide a no-nonsense guide to web site owners and webmasters as to the best places on the web to submit your ads and URLs. Second, this article gives a fair warning to all and sundry to be very careful about buying ad submission services and programs.

As for the scam submission services and fake submission software, there is a warning in Latin that says, "Caveat Emptor," or let the buyer beware. You have to do your own due diligence to outsmart the sellers of these lemon submission services and unworkable submission programs.

Some of these ineffective submission services and software are aggressively being promoted on the web. You should therefore be wary of taking a bite on these services and programs.

As an example, sometime late last year, one of these inferior submission programs was advertised on the website of a leading internet marketer. So many words were said about the product. And yet so negligible the results. This early in 2006, you read other lemon submission programs on the web.

For the honest-to-goodness ad submission sites, your problem is how to locate them. The web sites that are getting higher traffic are generally preferred. But which web sites to submit to, among the thousands out there? As they say, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

With due diligence and research, however, you can locate these better classified ad sites. These are noteworthy web sites to submit your classified ads and URLs for free.

If you cannot do a research of your own, you can find other people who have done some research on the subject and who can give you tips on where to submit your ads.

I have done some research of my own, too. Some of the sites I have discovered are featured in my web page at

Submitting your ads to a few but highly visited ad sites will spell a difference in your profit position. I suggest using a different email address for your ads submission.

You will find immediately below a listing of various web sites where you can place your ads for free.

Free Is Good! Five Ways To Give Away Free Stuff And See Website Traffic Increase----

Everyone loves to get something for free. This is true of almost everyone who frequently surfs the web as well. Website operators are constantly looking not only for ways to attract new visitors, but also ways to keep them coming back. If you are looking for a way to increase website traffic, consider using a tactic such as the “Give Away”. By giving away free stuff on your site, you will likely attract many more visitors. You can also keep these visitors coming back frequently by offering new free stuff each month. If you are interested in see the results of your website traffic improve, then consider using these five ways to give away free stuff.

Donated Goods

You may be interested in trying to give away free stuff on your website, but you may not be willing to spend your own money in doing so. If this is the case, there are options for you. You can always network with other companies who will essentially give you their products to showcase and give away from your site. Local businesses are the first place to look, as they usually are very willing to help fellow town citizens. You can also go to larger corporations if you know exactly who to contact and make sure they realize that they too would be receiving free advertising from allowing you to showcase their products. Usually you won’t get enough products each month to offer to every visitor, so make sure you mention that only the first 30 (or the equivalent of products you have) visitors who sign up will receive the products.

Monthly Contests

Website visitors love contests and many of them are willing to visit the same sites each day just to enter to win something free. Therefore, by offering free stuff through a contest, you are likely to get visitors to return on a daily basis. Set the rules to state that each visitor can only enter once a day if you like. Purchase a good prize or get one donated and give it away to the random name drawn from the entries. This is a great way to get the attention of many consumers, especially if your prizes are extra interesting and worthy.

Personalized Items

One interesting tactic is to give away merchandise with your website’s name or your business’s name on them. Items such as shirts, hats, towels, cups, and key chains are perfect for this task. The idea is to keep people coming to your site for free stuff as well as to look around. The extra perk with this strategy however, is to allow them to be your advertisers as well. If they wear one of these items out in public, there are likely thousands of people who will be exposed to your business passively. This is a great idea and can be done through many methods including contests or loyal customer incentives.

Referral Prizes

If you really want to spread the word on your website and get more traffic than ever, you should consider giving referral prizes. You can set your system up to allow each visitor to send an automated email from your site asking him or her to visit. If the visitor is willing to offer up 10 or 20 valid email addresses, then you can offer them a free prize. The prize can be as small or large as you wish. This is the perfect way to get more traffic while also rewarding those that are helping you along the way.

Reminder Emails

After you choose the method of how you plan to give your free stuff away, consider offering reminder emails to those who love to participate. You can offer initial free stuff to those that sign up, like a key chain. This is a great way to get that traffic to continue after the visitor’s initial visit. You can remind them monthly that there are new things to see at your site and they will likely visit more often. You can also use this not only to remind them of free stuff being given away but also to tell them about deals or other offers you have for them as well. They are likely to forward these emails on to friends they think might be interested as well.

Free Targeted Traffic - Get It Now!-----

Although it is much tougher to get targeted traffic to your site the odds that someone will buy your products will be much higher. On the other hand, if you can get enough non-targeted traffic to your site, even with a low percentage of sales, you can still increase your income by a similar amount.

Think about it. If you could get 100 highly-targeted visitors a day to your site and sell to 10% of those potential buyers, you would be making money. However, by attracting 1000 non-targeted visitors to your site each day and selling to only 1% of those viewers you would make the same number of sales. So the question becomes "which is easier to attract, targeted or non-targeted traffic?"

I don't think anyone would disagree with me when I say non-targeted traffic is much easier to get. One of the best and fastest ways to attract new visitors to your site is with autosurf programs. You can sign up with several paid autosurf sites and then almost immediately have hundreds of viewers looking at your site daily. And it is free to join many of these. No matter what you are selling a certain percentage of those viewers will in all likelihood be interested. You could be selling dog biscuits and at least a few of the 1000 visitors to your site will be interested.

Ideally you should attract targeted visitors to your site, and there are several good ways to do that. But while you are working hard to get good traffic to your site you may want to get others to visit too. After all, a few sales from low-quality visitors is better than no sales. While you are building up your targeted traffic you could also be getting non-targeted traffic for some extra sales. Why limit yourself to just one group of potential buyers?

If you are interested in quality traffic there are several methods that you might want to try. One of the best ways is with testimonials. There are two ways to benefit with testimonials. One, whenever you buy a product from someone else you can send them a testimonial that they can publish on their site. Internet marketers know that "testimonials sell products" and will many times love to add your testimonial to their site. A testimonial adds credibility and potential buyers are more likely to buy a product from someone that has lots of great testimonials. The trick here is to make sure you include a link to your site in your testimonial. When someone visits the other site and sees your testimonial they can click on the link to your site. Only people interested in what you are selling will come to your site ...targeted traffic.

The second way to benefit from testimonials is to put some of them on your site. If you can get email addresses for the people buying from you it is a simple matter of mailing a request for a testimonial to them. You can put these testimonials on your site which will increase your credibility with shoppers, even with the non-targeted shoppers.

Writing articles is another way to promote your site and get targeted visitors at the same time. There are many popular free article directories on the web that you can submit your articles to. Other web masters often get articles from these directories and then add them to their own sites. All you have to do is write an interesting article (like this one) and then submit it to several article directories. Not only will these article sites publish your article on their site (with links to your site), but others will grab your article and put it on their own sites (with links to your site). Some of the more popular article directories are,,, and many others. Just type in "free article directories" in a search engine and you will be amazed how many there are.

These are two great methods for attracting high quality traffic. But what about the easier low quality traffic? The best way to get traffic quickly is to sign up with online autosurf programs. It seems like most of them are scams, but there are actually a few very good ones. Not only will you get your site viewed by many, but you can also make some very good money with these auto surf programs. Autosurfing has become an extremely popular way to not only make money online, but to get lots of traffic to your site.

Companies like you, that have web sites, can get lots of traffic from autosurf programs. When you join an auto surf program you have the option to list your web site in their "autosurf" rotation. Some paid auto surf programs even allow you to join for free. And you can usually join the others for just a few dollars. Thousands of other people that belong to those autosurf programs will end up viewing your web site every day.

But in addition to attracting others to your web store you can also make money autosurfing. For many, auto surfing is big home business. Some people are making thousands of dollars every month. You might actually end up making more from paid autosurf programs than you will selling your products online. Although there are plenty of autosurf scams out there you can also find some very honest auto surf programs where you can make a good return on your investment. You just need to do your homework before joining any of the hundreds of autosurf programs on the net.

So there you have it. We have discussed three successful ways to get visitors to your site. And remember, if you limit your attention to only targeted traffic you will be missing a lot of non-targeted traffic and potential sales. Keep an open mind about the type of traffic you want to attract and you can be successful with your online business.

Free Traffic - Seven Ways---

Free traffic? The other day I saw that someone had been putting post-it stickers with the name of their website on bus stop benches and telephone poles. How many ways can you get free web site traffic? Who knows, but here are seven ways to get you started.

1. Online classified advertisements. Search "free advertising" or "free ads", and you'll find there are many places that you can advertise for free. Few of them seem to be of any value, but I have been using two that work well. Place a few ads, then check your reports to see if they are bringing in traffic. Start regularly using the ones that deliver.

2. Link exchanges. Link exchanges with other web sites help you get free traffic in two ways: traffic directly from the other site, and traffic from the search engines, because the link helps your ranking with them. Find sites that have a theme similar or related to yours, and send out nice e-mails suggesting an exchange.

3. Post in discussion forums. This can be a great source of traffic for some sites. You just talk about things of interest to you, and get free traffic to your web site (always sign off with a link to your site). If you link to subscription pages for newsletters or e-courses you offer, you'll get repeat visits from the traffic. Don't spam, or you'll be kicked out but true participation makes a relevant link okay in many forums.

4. Search engine submissions. Don't wait for search engines to find you. Automatically submit to 15 of them at You can also submit manually to Google ( Ultimately, search engines will be some of your primary sources of free traffic.

5. Submit to directories. First do a search for niche directories for the topic of your website. Type in "directory + online games," or whatever your site is about. Many general directories also accept submissions for free. The value of directories is not direct traffic, however (you won't get much). The value is in the links, which help your ranking (and therefore traffic) with the search engines.

6. Write and submit testimonials. If you love an e-book or other online product, tell the author, and let her know she can use your testimonial. Of course, mention that you'd appreciate it if she left the link to your site (under your name) active. Good testimonials are valuable, and you've probably seen them with a name and link attached.

7. Submit articles. This is one of the best ways to generate free web site traffic. In fact, it's why I wrote this. An article is valuable because of the "resource box," or "about the author box" at the bottom, where there is always a link. If I leave you intrigued, and wanting more, you might click through. This is a great way to generate free traffic.

Free Traffic And Money - The Latest Secret.---

There are, as we know, dozens of different ways of getting traffic to your site(s); some of these methods yield high quality, targeted traffic whilst others deliver junk traffic and ensure that the only thing that you’ve achieved is throwing money down the pan.

With this in mind I’m going to take a look at a couple of the different methods of getting free traffic to your site(s) and then I’m going to have a look at how to get paid for getting free traffic to your site(s) – yes, you can get money for doing it.

Lets start by having a look at three traditional methods of getting some traffic:

1. Articles
2. Solo ads
3. Traffic exchange

These three methods are the preferred methods of most webmasters as they encompass a wide target audience.


All of us at some point or another write tutorials of one form or another (this for example) or perhaps we write a review of something. Even better, when you’re at university you write lots of reports as part of your course.

These documents can all be used to bring you some much loved traffic.

This is achieved by submitting your article to a site such as or GoArticles.Com.

How does this work?

Quite simply and without any effort from you.

When you enter your article into these services you also have opportunity to enter a biography section. This section tells the reader a little about you and also allows you to list a url (or two).

The article sites then provide the articles in their database to other sites – your biography always go with them.

This means that suddenly you have a LOT more sites linking to your site and it also means that you have a lot more people (who perhaps wouldn’t normally find your site) visiting via your biography. You should however ensure that the subject of the article has some relevancy to your site (if you write about dogs and your site is about tanks most people who read the article are not going to be interested in your site).

Solo Ads.

A solo ad is an advertisement that is sent out via email by a list owner. The price of this service can vary radically and so can the quality.

Anyone offering a solo ad service will never EVER promise a response rate (unless it’s a paid to read service).

If you do decide to go down this route there are a few things you should remember/ask:

a. What is the demographic of the list (who are they? Male, 23 – 34, IT professionals, etc)
b. How big is the list
c. How old is the list
d. How responsive is the list (best and worst cases)
e. Will the owner do a 2 for 1 deal (pay for one mailing, deliver two)
f. Is there a way of the list owner splitting the delivery (thus allowing you to test your sales copy)

If you do go this route you should remember that you are effectively only picking up the customers/subscribers once – so make sure your copy is good.

You should also remember one golden rule – do not make the sale, get a subscriber. What a stupid thing to say – I’m trying to sell something not make friends! Yep, that’s right – but – it is widely acknowledged that it takes a user 7 views of the same advert in order to act upon it (this is why some marketers will send you the same thing rehashed repeatedly for a couple of weeks). So with this in mind if you send a mailing and don’t get subscribers you’re effectively blowing your money.

You should also be aware that the size of list has no direct correlation as to its quality or responsiveness.

Traffic Exchanges.

As the title suggests you’re swapping traffic, this usually means that you surf a selection of other members sites and in return you get your site added to the rotation so that some of them see your site.

The quality of traffic is sometimes quite poor from this source as a number of people are not really interested in seeing your site – they just want you to see theirs.

So where does the making money from traffic exchanges come in?

Well, simply put, there are a new type of traffic exchange services starting who offer both a free and paid membership, the free service allows you to surf and acquire credits which you can use to buy visitors and then there’s the paid member option (normally referred to as ‘pro membership’). With both the free and pro membership levels you still need to surf the site daily but there are a couple of things different:

a. Both membership types display a slide show of other sites for you to surf
b. Both membership types require no intervention (no clicking - just watching)
c. The pro membership pays you money!

Yep, as promised there it is – you can get paid to surf a small selection of sites a day with no action required on your part.

So how does that work and are we talking about pennies here?

Most important question first, no we are not talking about pennies (unless that’s all you’ve paid for). These sites normally pay you a percentage of your membership fee as your daily surfing fee, so my favourite site pays me 12% per day over 12 days (this means I make a profit of 44% every 12 days).

So in real terms, I can choose my investment level, so here’s what it looks like:

Pro membership $120 $6 $500 $1000
Percent per day 12% 12% 12% 12%
Cash per day $14.40 $.72 $60 $120
Membership term 12 days 12 days 12 days 12 days
Total Cash back $172.80 $8.64 $720 $1440

As I said the membership level is completely at your taste. But there’s more. You not only earn your own money and surfing credits but that of affiliates – so for example if you have a couple of affiliates then potentially you’re earning 10% or everything they pay in/surf and also 2.5% of whatever their affiliates do (so a two tier affiliate system).

Free ways to Increasing website traffic.----

There are all kinds of ways to generate traffic on a web site, but unluckily, many of them cost a lot of money. For those just starting out in business or trying to build one up without investing a lot of capital, this can be a problem. There are a few ways to increase web site traffic for free.

Posting links to a web site on bulletin boards, in chat rooms, on peer-to-peer sites and so on can also assist increase traffic. This way to increase web site traffic for free can take a bit of time and try, but it can work out well in the long run.

Article submissions
Some web sites take advantage of on article posting sites to plug themselves and increase web site traffic for free. This works by writing an article on a topic that’s pertinent to the web site in question and then referring to the site at the bottom or within the body of the article. As long as the content is well written, this is a great way to increase web site traffic for free.

Viral marketing
Viral marketing another way to attract targeted visitors is to offer a free product or service. I use free brand able reports that visitors can download and use. These Reports and e-books have links back to my sites. One of my most popular ones is a timely report and guide on how to use and benefit from RSS on all your sites. It brings in a lot of traffic.

RSS feeds
RSS feeds one of most efficient sources of traffic to my site would have to be my blogs and RSS feeds. See I said blogs and feeds; I have created simple blogs and feeds for the major topics of my site: on RSS resources, web hosting solutions, notebook computers, etc. These blogs and feeds bring in a great number of targeted visitors to my site.

SEO Content
Search engine optimized, or SEO, content is one of the best ways to increase web site traffic for free. As long as the content is valid, useful and takes advantage of keywords that are required after via major search engines, this can be a great way to increase web site traffic for free. Getting SEO content for free, of course, will need writing it yourself, but it can be done. Whether it’s a blog or a normal web site loaded, content is one of the key ways to gain ranking on the Internet and drive traffic to a website.

Link trading
One more way to increase web site traffic for free is to trade links with other sites, similar or not. Getting a web site’s address out to potential viewers even in the form of a simple link is a very cost effectual way to increase likely visits. Many sites use this great way to increase web site traffic for free by simply listing their “favorite” other sites under a links banner or a “We advise” heading.

Free Web Site Traffic - 7 Ways-----

How many ways can you get free web site traffic? Who knows, but here are some to get you started. Hopefully there will be one or two ways here that you haven't yet tried.

1. Submit your web site to search engines. Don't wait for them to find you. You can automatically submit to 20 at You'll have to submit manually to Google (

2. Directories. Do a search for niche directories for the topic of your website. Just type in "directory + online games," or whatever your site is about. There are also many general directories that accept submissions for free. The primary value of directories is not direct traffic, however. It is the links that help your ranking (and therefore traffic) with the search engines.

3. Forums. A great source of traffic for some sites. Talk about things of interest to you, and get free traffic to your web site (always sign off with a link). You may want to link to subscription pages for newsletters or e-courses you offer, to get maximum repeat visits from the traffic.

4. Free classifieds. There are many places that you can advertise for free, although few of them seem to be of any value. Test a little, and go with the ones that deliver.

5. Exchange Links. Exchanging links with other web sites can get you free traffic in two ways: traffic from the site, and traffic from the search engines, because the link helps your ranking with them.

6. Give testimonials. Do you love an e-book or other online product? Tell the author, and let her know she can use your testimonial. Mention that you'd appreciate it if she left the link to your site (under your name) active. Good testimonials are valuable, and you've probably seen them with a name and link attached.

7. Write articles. A great way to generate free web site traffic. In fact, thats what this article is about, and I have to tell you that there are at least ten more ways to get free traffic in my newsletter. You may want to visit the site and sign up.

Generate Free Traffic-----

Who says you need to spend tons of money to market your business?? Well those are the old school of thoughts. Welcome to the new Internet marketing strategy.

The basic idea started of with the algorithm of the search engine. In order to rank well in the World Wide Web, you need to have lots of website putting a link to point to your website and its called Link popularity.

Why should the site owner do you a favor if he does not benefit from it? Unless both parties benefits from this mutual agreement, if not the party seeking a link from the established website might need to pay an advertising fee! This is not really a bad idea if with this arrangement; you have a promised stream of traffics.

However, if you are new in the Internet business and don’t have much budget for such advertising, submitting an article about your business is the best idea! And the more the merrier!

Writing an article about your business is the best and most effective way to market your business on the Internet. Best of all, its FREE. Yes everybody is doing it and why shouldn’t you?

Some pointers when submitting your article to a directory:

1) Pick the right category

A search on the site will generate a few articles and you have a clue where your business belongs.

2) Key worded content

What is that? Basically if you are selling gifts in your business, litter sparingly your article with the word “gifts”. Chances of it being search by the search engine for “gifts” will be higher.

3) Length of article

The viewer reading your article might not have much patience and it is best to convey your message in the shortest possible time. Very often I read articles that beat around the bush that is very bad for marketing. The viewer might get agitated and skip your article for the next one unless your article is very well written. My suggested length will be between 300-600 words.

4) Don’t forget to add your URL

I have seen article very well written and yet they are doing themselves a disservice by now putting an URL to their website!

Getting all excited?? Why not? Put on your thinking cap and start to write your article for your business. Don’t forget, it must be key worded content to promote your business.

Generate free traffic to your website----

The Best Way To Generate Free Targeted Website Traffic

If you have a website or you promote someone else's' website as an affiliate, you need to drive traffic to it.

Without traffic, you won't get visitors. And without visitors, you won't make money, sales, get subscribers, etc. What good is a website without any traffic? And if the site is getting traffic, what good is it if it's not targeted traffic?

There are many ways to drive traffic to your site, both free and paid. But we are not going to talk about paid traffic right now. That is a totally different topic and could take hours to cover.

So, back to free traffic. Some ways of getting free traffic to your site is by Search Engine Optimization, surfing for traffic, or getting it passively.

SEO takes time and a lot of work. When you join sites that are surf for traffic sites, you have to look at other members' sites in order to earn advertising credits for your site to be displayed when another member is surfing.

The only problem with this is that although the traffic is free, it is not targeted. Everyone who is a member only surfs for the credit and very rarely even looks at the site, they just minimize their window on their PC and multi-task. So, the traffic is crap and worthless.

Now, let's talk about the best way to get free targeted traffic. It's called Instant Buzz. Instant Buzz is a service that gives you advertising credits as you surf the web like you normally would. What you do is download the toolbar for free, it only takes a minute. Then, you set up your ads in the members area. And bam, you ads are being displayed on other members' tool bars as they surf.

You can also put Instant Buzz ads in emails that you send to your friends. These are called mail space ads. And your ad will get displayed in other members' emails. The last thing you can do is put a hyperspace ad on your website which will help you refer other members.

When you refer other members, you will also get a percentage of the credits they earn which will go towards your ad credits.

If someone likes your ad and is interested in what it says, then they click on it and end up on whatever site it was that you were promoting. Now that's targeted traffic! And it was free.

So make sure you visit the link in the resource box to start driving targeted and quality traffic to your website today. It will only take you a couple of minutes to start bringing visitors to your site.

Generating Traffic On A Budget----

I have several websites and in the past ten years I have worked with gurus that promised to deliver traffic to my sites. In fact I have paid from $200 to over $2,000 for traffic to my sites. I had one person that charged a reasonable fee and my traffic went from 500 visitors to 8,000 visitors. Three years later his fee wasn’t that reasonable, but I decided to go ahead and try another website. After three months and two thousand dollars I saw no results.

As many people know the search engines create algorithms so nobody can beat the system. The gurus figure a way around this and charge lots of money to drive traffic to your site. Then the dance continues and the search engines create new algorithms. Next thing you know you are going back to the guru or searching for someone new.

Many of us have been sold a bill of goods about generating traffic to our websites and the lure of getting on the top ten. I can tell you from personal experience that I have been in the top ten and it wasn’t that big of an impact. The hook the gurus use to charge a higher fee is the number of keywords you need to get in the top ten. After a while you’ll realize that ONE keyword may have over one hundred variations.

Working with gurus creates a roller coaster of traffic to your website. Your traffic and sales are dependent on the gurus and the search engines algorithms. When you stop working with the gurus, or their magic isn’t working, your website traffic and sales hit bottom.

Yes there are rewards working with gurus, but you better have a hot site that sells. Start with methods that cost less and allow your traffic to build. Check your status reports to learn more about your visitors and the keywords they used to find you. A good hosting provider will offer this with your hosting package.

A wise marketer once told me that it was best to get off the roller coaster and put my money into methods that build steady website traffic. As an owner of a website, you learn how to update your own pages so you are not dependent on someone to update your website. The same goes for generating website traffic. When you take the time and invest in building traffic on a regular basis, then you will be free from the gurus and the search engines algorithms.

The simplest and time proven techniques that take very little time are your best answers. One method I know you have heard over and over is submitting articles. Let me give you the WHY submitting articles is important. When you are found in the search engines you are just another listing on all those pages. When submitting articles, I get a loyal audience that reads my articles each week. In fact, when they visit another website and see other articles I have written on other topics, it builds more credibility, rapport, link popularity and traffic.

Generating website traffic is using a combination of methods. Submitting to the search engines is still important, but it is only a part of your overall traffic building strategy. With most search engines it may take one to three months to see results.

Now here is the INSIDE INFORMATION most gurus won’t tell you. I am using a traffic generating system that is available to anyone at no cost. In fact it is simple to implement and takes only ten minutes of your time to set-up. This system is instant and you will see an immediate increase in your traffic and it you can verify your results with your own status reports.

Get 900 plus oneway links for Free----

Dear entrepeneur. Perhaps we partake in the same trouble.

We have a smashing internet site, but little or NO visitants. Now what is a internet site without traffic?
It's similar to an old volume lying full of junk which nobody uses anymore.

What we require is traffic and dozens of it. And would it not be swell if we can get it for FREE?
So what must we do more or less to get this FREE TRAFFIC? You know, theres lots of Article Directories circulated in cyberspace which give Article Authors the chance to post their articles there for free with a free oneway to their websites.

All you have to do is to register with these Content Directories, activate your account, create a penname and then add your articles. And this is precisely what I used to do. But let me tell you (not that you are not mindful of it), IT IS A boring undertaking. I mean, to contribute one Article to ALL these directories manually can demand days or even weeks of difficult work.

I marveled if there was'nt a computer program at hand which could aid me with this project and found rather a few article submitters available. The only trouble was that some Article Distributors was not free and those that were had some limitation (like it will post to only a certain number of article directories). You'll have to buy the full edition to get the most out of them.

Others could not post to the right Categories at the Article Directories ( it will post an article about cats under business for example). Now that is very unproductive.

So commenced my travel to attempt and create a program that could just do everything the others lacked.






















And guess what? I achieved it. And now I want to share it with you at absolutely NO COST.

Perhaps you imagine that you can't compose an Article? Let me tell you. YOU ARE incorrect!!!! I had

the same opinion at first, but what are you reading now? My article of course. You can write about anything under the sun.
You can even write an article about how you created your first website, or how you struggled to get traffic.

The sky is the boundary. Below you will find a link to my site "Super Article Submitter" where you can Auto-Post your articles in no time ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!!!

One more thing. You are free to use this article on your website provided that it stays unchanged and the links in the resourcebox is live, search-engine friendly links.


Get a top 10 ranking without paying a cent----

If there's one thing that Google loves, it's content. Done right, a content rich website is almost guaranteed to rank highly. But how to get that content? You can write it yourself, but that takes a lot of time. You can pay an SEO copywriter to write it for you, but that takes a lot of money. If only there was another option...

What if you could get your content for free? And not just a little bit of content; a lot! What if you could get an almost unlimited supply of keyword rich, expertly written content, specific to your subject matter, absolutely free of charge? Would you snap it up and upload to your site in an instant? Of course you would! Well here's the good news: you can! Read on to find out how you can get a top ten ranking in the search engines without paying a single cent...

Yes, content gives you a great ranking

Content is king. This is widely acknowledged as fact, but if you need further convincing, consider the following two points:

Point 1 - In Google's own words, one of the keys to a high ranking is to "create a useful, information-rich site" (from “Google Information for Webmasters” -

Point 2 - Google insider, codenamed 'Google Guy', advocates a list 26 steps to building a high ranking site. Step 5 of the list says, "build one page of content and put online per day at 200-500 words" (from Brett Tabke's "26 steps to 15k a Day" -, advocated by Google Guy in a WebMasterWorld QA session -

But why does content give you a great ranking?

I won't go into any further detail about IF Google loves content. I will, however, briefly explain WHY. Google's love affair with content is based on two key attractions:

1) Google loves sites with a lot of content because it assumes they provide a lot of useful information. And remember, that's the whole reason Google exists - to help people find useful information. The more helpful Google's results, the more traffic (and revenue) it gets.

2) Google loves sites that have a lot of links pointing to them because this means other webmasters hold your site in high regard, and Google assumes this means the content is useful. And naturally, if you create a useful site, other webmasters will link to it because this makes them useful to their visitors (thereby developing site loyalty), and they gain credibility and authority because they're associated with you.

So how can you get free content for your website?

Three words: 'free reprint articles'. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there writing high quality, helpful, informative articles on virtually every topic imaginable, then giving these article away to any webmaster who wants to publish them on a website. In exchange for the article, the author asks only that you retain the author bio at the end, complete with all links (e.g. "Glenn Murray is an SEO Copywriter and Article Submission Specialist...).

To find free content for your website, simply visit any one of hundreds of 'article banks' on the Internet such as,, or Browse or search for the subject you're interested in, then take the article(s) for free. There is absolutely no charge. Some of these sites will even send a regular stream of articles direct to your website (using RSS).

Alternatively, you can sign up to any number of article distribution lists and get articles delivered direct to your email inbox. Again, it's absolutely free! Some of the better known distribution lists include,, and

TIP: The article banks and distribution lists mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds more - just do a search for "free reprint articles", "article submission", "article submission site", "submit article", "article submit site", "free articles", or "free content". You may even find a site or list which only deals in articles relating to your particular subject matter.

Why is it free?

Why are these authors giving their articles away? Because it helps the author's own search engine ranking. As explained above, Google loves sites with lots of links pointing to them. Every time their article submission is published, the author gets another link to their website. In fact, if the article is really good, it may be published hundreds of times. And each time, it's another link to the author's website. Put simply, article submission is a writer's free pass to the top of the search engines.

How do I know if the quality is good?

It's a process of natural selection. The better the article submission, the more often it will be published, so it's in the author's interest to write and submit articles of the highest quality. Of course, this doesn't always happen, but in most cases, you'll be reviewing the articles before you post them anyway, so if you discover one that's not up to scratch, don't use it.

In time, you'll become familiar with the authors who consistently put out good quality content - you may even find enough of them that you don't need to go looking for content from anyone else...

Where do I put the free content?

Most people put the articles in an 'Articles' or 'Resources' section on their website, but you can put them anywhere you like.

How much free content should I use?

As much as you want or as little as you want. It all depends on your needs and the needs of your audience. If your audience expects that at least some of your site is original content, then give it to them.

But what about the duplicate content issue?

It's not an issue!

There's a lot of a talk about how Google penalizes duplicate content. The theory is that when the majority of the content on two separate webpages (on different sites) is the same, the one with the higher PR will be shown and the other one will not.

Whether or not this theory is true is still a hot topic in search engine circles, but regardless, it doesn't affect people publishing free-reprint articles. When you publish the article, just make sure you have unique content around it. Generally, it's enough to have your own unique introduction to the page (which may be common to all pages), and your own navigation elements, headers, footers, sidebars, logos, images, etc.


Free reprint articles are a great way for you to achieve a high ranking. And you don't have to pay a cent! So what are you waiting for?

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