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Article Submission: two ways to do!-----

Everyone knows that submitting well-written, keyword-rich articles to article repository sites on the Internet is the best way to build links to your web sites in Google and other search engines.

But very few people realize there’s a wrong way to do this. And doing it wrong is worse than not doing it at all.

Most people who are new to using articles as part of their marketing strategies get off to a bad start because they don’t understand the delicate strategy involved with precisely placing articles in the article sites best suited for a particular subject.

You see, not all article repositories are the same. Some get high traffic for all subjects. Some get highly-targeted traffic across one or two very specific niches. And some don’t get any traffic at all. Those sites fall under the definition of "bad neighborhoods" according to Google.

Not understanding the differences among article repositories is where the trouble starts for the inexperienced marketer. These days, it's too easy to sign up for those "article blasting" services that SPAM article repositories with thousands of worthless ads; the ads that have been written by who knows who and are often filled with spelling and grammar errors. As these types of articles build up in the lower-quality sites, and they build up very quickly thanks to the thousands of people using these "blasting" services, the site begins to develop a bad reputation. Soon, the search engines start dropping the links like hot potatoes.

How do savvy professional marketers get around this ranking trap?

They depend on the services offered by professional article placement agencies. These agencies specialize in submitting articles manually to hand-picked sites that will return the best search engine ranking results. The people behind these professional services understand how the article placement game is really played. They know that success is all about quality and has nothing to do with quantity. After all, what good is having your articles listed on hundreds of sites if those sites are banned by Google and other search engines? It hurts your business!

When you use a professional article placement agency to manually submit your articles, you don’t have to worry about ending up in bad neighborhoods and getting your search engine rankings mugged in the process. Instead you'll get the quality links you are looking for. Your articles will only appear on those sites catering to your category; sites that are visited by both live humans and search engine spiders on a regular basis. This kind of strategy is what pays off in the long run.

Don't sabotage your article marketing strategy just because you choose to believe the hype those "blast your way to success" hucksters throw out every day. Remember how productive FFA sites used to be and how useless they are now? FFA "blasters" ruined that marketing opportunity, and the article blasters will ruin this marketing opportunity if you let them.

Get better results by letting the professionals manually place your articles in the appropriate repository sites. Remember, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

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Article Submission As Organic SEO Technique----

There is no doubt that search engine optimization (SEO) plays a very important role in the internet marketing field. If you are someone who is looking to take part in internet marketing, chances are that you may want to consider article submission as an organic SEO technique. Here, through this informative article, we will take a much closer look at how article submission works, as well as some of the ways that you can have the most success with this SEO technique.

Article submission is also referred to as article marketing. The way that this SEO technique works is when you decide to pay a company to have articles written for you, or if you decide that you have enough knowledge on the subject to write them yourself. Once you have the articles written that you are interested using for your company or whatever area you are interested in trying to promote, you will then submit your articles to directories. The entire concept of article submission is very easy to understand.

Keep in mind that there are a number of different things that you can do to improve the overall success that you have with article submission as the SEO technique that you are interested in using. The most important thing that you will want to take into consideration is that you will want to make sure that your articles have the right amount of keyword density. It is typically recommended for you to have articles which offer two to three percent keyword density. This will help improve the overall search engine, or directory, ranking that your submitted articles will have.

Another one of the most important things that you will want to take into consideration is the fact that your articles should be much more than just keyword dense. While this is very important to the amount of success that you have with article submission, it is also important to keep in mind that the content of your articles is very important as well. Not only should they be well written with perfect grammar, but your submitted articles should also be relevant to the subject which they are about. Although you may have thought about offering the information that you want included in your articles in a playful manner, chances are that you will find that you will have the most success when you decide to present your information more professionally. This will help you gain the credibility that you need to gain the most success for your company or product.

One of the main benefits that article submission has to offer you is the fact that it is known to be very successful. If you are interested in getting the internet marketing results through one of the best SEO techniques which is out there, then article submission can really do a lot for you. Another one of the main benefits of this marketing solution is the fact that it is known to be very cost effective, which is great for anyone who has a low marketing budget to begin with. Whether you have a large or small business, you very well may find article submission to be one of the best internet marketing solutions for you.

Automatic Reciprocal Links Exchange: Forget Lousy 10% Link Exchange Response-----

Link exchange is very helpful in building valuable business contacts and getting better rank with search engines. But those who tried to use traditional link exchange strategies face a very sad fact - only 10% of link exchange offers sent to relevant web sites get response. All the rest goes to trash bin; efforts wasted.

Why this statistics follows most of link exchange cases?

The market of link exchanges is overwhelmed. Those who think that is it possible to get few hundreds of reciprocal links and get 1st position within a couple of days spam web sites like crazy. I personally delete over 90% of link exchange offers that are sent to my web sites as these offers are absolutely irrelevant.

Still, quality link exchange can be a good boost to any web site to abandon all hopes with it. And there is a big place for increasing the conversions of your link exchange offers.

How to increase the conversions of link exchange offers?

Go to secret gardens where web sites are eager to do link exchange. No link farms, no link pyramids, no link MLMs. Use the link exchange potential that has been at your hand all the time.

Remember a few years ago Internet market had a boom of automatic link exchange directories? Hundreds of thousands of web sites grabbed the unique opportunity to automate their link exchange. And now almost every niche has web sites that use different automatic reciprocal link exchange scripts or software.

And these sites are super highly responsive to relevant link exchange offers. Plus with many sites you can get your link on their link exchange page within a few minutes - usual link exchange copy and paste routine that can easily be automated.

Benefits of harvesting on the web sites with automatic reciprocal link exchange directories:

- increased motivation for relevant link exchange;
- big number of web sites in any niche;
- your link will be standing on static pages (good for indexing);
- big field for automating all routine on finding site-partner and exchanging links with it.

On web sites with automatic link exchange scripts you will forget about 10% response to your offer about doing link swap. Link exchange comes to the new level. And with quality link exchange you are destined to see the increase in targeted free traffic from search engines.

Autosurfing vs. Manual Traffic Exchanges!----

First of all let’s describe what an autosurf program is and how it works. On this article we are referring mostly to paid autosurfing not to the free programs. When you join one of these companies you pay some money to receive traffic in your websites. You also receive as profits a percentage of the money that you invest on the program. Then you surf a set amount of websites each day.

Autosurfing has gained a bad name lately. The industry leader was and they got in trouble with their payment processor StormPay. They were unable to pay users for a while. StormPay considered that some fraudulent activities were going on and suddenly froze the accounts of all users.

That’s when autosurf programs hit the news nationwide and many people considered them to be disguised pyramid schemes. In the other hand, some traffic exchange programs seem to provide a legitimate service to the users and a good opportunity to make some extra income.

Bellow I will explain the difference between a paid autosurf program and a paid manual traffic exchange program. If you join an autosurf program you will have to pay an up-front fee which you choose and you will have to surf a set amount of websites usually every day.

Your profits will be a percentage of your investment as described above. For example the program rules may be as follows. You may invest any amount between $10 - $6,000. You will receive 5% daily and you need to surf 10 websites per day.

The website owner provides you with a link where you can click and autosurf the websites every day. When you click the link the website runs on your browser without any intervention on your part. You don’t have to do anything. Just watch the websites one after the other. There is a timer who moves the websites on your browser every 15 - 30 seconds. So, it takes you only a few minutes each day to complete your assignment.

Other people that join the program do the same thing. They watch your advertisement and get paid for it. Notice that you don’t need a website to invest in many of these programs but you do need to make and investment if you want to generate profits and you need to watch the set daily amount of websites.

This is a nice idea. The drawback is that users do not actually need to watch the websites while they are running on the browser. They can set the timer and walk away for a few minutes. That’s why many individuals believe that these programs are ineffective and scamy.

Paid traffic exchange programs are quiet different. They are similar to the autosurf programs described above, but the users need to click a button whenever the timer runs out of time to have a new website appear on their browsers. This ensures that a real visitor is viewing your site.

The industry is moving fast toward this kind of system which is good for website owners. Some program owners even go to extremes and have the users insert a code when the timer runs out of time.

In my opinion paid traffic exchange companies are providing a legitimate service to the users. You can receive a percentage of your investment every day as profits while getting more exposure for your websites. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

The idea is to not get this as a full time income. I use to think about it as some nice extra cash and the possibility to get more traffic to my websites. In fact the goal of these programs is to help advertisers increase the exposure for their websites.

Another industry which have similar goal but uses a different system is the paid to read e-mails and paid to click links industry. In this industry the program owners receive money from the advertisers and pay the users to read ads via e-mails or to click links and visit the advertisers websites.

Anyway, as long as real visitors are seeing my pages I am going to be happy with the program. Keep in mind that this advertising techniques may not be as effective as others but still they are a good way to diversify your marketing strategies.

Some people love traffic exchange programs while other people see them as a waste of time. Everyone is different. What works well for some marketers doesn’t work for others. I try to diversify my marketing strategies as much as possible because I don’t know what could work for me and what doesn’t until I try it.

If you don’t want to invest any money but you want to receive more traffic in your websites, you have the option to join free traffic exchange programs. Once you join these programs you don’t have to pay anything. You visit other members websites with the condition that they visit yours. The rate is usually 2 - 1 meaning that for every two websites that you visit and stay for 15 - 30 seconds you will receive one visitor to your website.

There are many companies that offer free traffic exchange programs. Remember that this is different from autosurfing. The websites still run automatically on your browser but members have to enter a special code or click a link when the timer runs out.

The drawback of this technique is that while you can receive substantial quantities of visitors to your website, the traffic that you will generate is “dirty”. This means that those visitors may not be interested in your offer.

This technique works better for websites which promote a general attention-catching product or service. That doesn’t mean that it may not work for you. The only way to know for sure is to give it a try and see for yourself the results.

Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur - Tips and Tricks!!!-----

Hello, and congratulations on becoming an Internet Entrepreneur with your very own Web Business!!! To get you fast-tracked, we have included a vast selection of tips and tricks to make your online business a success that it deserves to be.

1) First of all, choose a domain name that is somehow related to the business you are in. For example, if you are looking for a domain name for your pillow business, you might want to try using a name like or It is important to use a “real” domain name. Your visitors will not take your business seriously if you use a free domain name like , or . A lot of the good domain names are already spoken for, but if you are patient enough, you will search and find one that is still available. If you think that you will need more than one domain name, get that one now too, as thousands of names are taken up each day. Do a search under “Google” using “cheap domain names” as your search words. You will find some very reasonably priced domain registrars. The cheapest one that I have found so far is at They are a full service operation offering web hosting and cheap, cheap, cheap domain registration.

2) You will need a hosting service for your domain name. The hosting service allows your domain name and all of its content to be viewed on the internet. This is easy to handle. You have basically two choices here. You can pay for the hosting service or get it for free. If money is not really a problem for you, then you may want to choose the paid version. Just do a search using “Google” with “web hosting” as your search words, and take your pick from the thousands of sites. You will find that the price charged varies wildly depending the services required. Now if you want to explore the free version…. There are a lot of free hosting companies on the internet. The problem with these free hosting companies is that they all require some sort of pop-up banner, static header or footer banner, or both, to be placed on each and every web page. These banners can contain all kinds of advertising, and some, or all of it, may not be welcome to the viewers on your web site. The free hosting option is certainly not the best one to explore. To save you time, I would recommend again for the most economical hosting of your web site.

3) Once you have your domain name and hosting service taken care of, you will probably need a way of uploading your web content to your site. Sometimes your web hosting service provider includes a site manager that allows this function. If not, then you might want to look into downloading some FTP software such as WS_FTP for example at While you are downloading software, you may also want to add WINZIP – located at to your download list. WINZIP allows you to “unzip” your “PillowSleep” file for example. A file is initially “zipped” to compress it for ease of downloading. To use this download zip file, you will have to “unzip” it first.

4) Your “PillowSleep” site probably needs a little more customizing. Look at other pillow sites on the internet for comparison and see what could be improved visually on your site. Does it need any flashy graphics? There are many free graphics available on the internet - just do a search with google. Once you are happy with the way your web site looks, it’s now time to focus on that fun part – html coding. Unless you are very comfortable using “html” coding, don’t touch the “html” coding on the “PillowSleep” pages at all. If you are comfortable using “hml”, then you could add things like Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions, etc., which would allow the search engines to find your web site much easier. The use of “keyword phrases” is much more useful than just using “keywords”, because it makes your web site more search specific. Go ahead and add a “Pillow” links page too. Another tip is always keep a hard copy of your web pages somewhere, either on a floppy, cd, or dvd. There are few things worse than customizing a web site and if something bad happens to your computer or hard drive, losing the web content forever.

5) At this point, you probably already have uploaded your web site and have it online. Now you need to “drive” visitors to your site. One popular way of bringing traffic to your site is to use a free link exchange or free link trading service. For the free link exchange service, you just sign up and put a little bit of code on your “Pillow” web site (this allows other Pillow web site banners to be viewed on your site and vice versa). The free link trading service is very simple also. You simply add another pillow’s link to your links page and vice versa. This trading of links increases your sites popularity greatly with the search engines. One of the most important things you can do to gain traffic is to get listed with the major search engines. Go to each search engine, or use a free service like and add your web site there. There is also what is called “pay-per-click” search engines where you actually pay for traffic sent to your web site. Other search engines require payment in order to get listed with them at all. “Yahoo” is one of these “pay” search engines.

6) Please be advised that is illegal to “Spam” on the internet or via e-mail. Spamming is sending unwanted e-mails or putting internet advertising material, or internet material in general where it should not be. That being said, another method of marketing and promoting your site is to add your site to casino and gambling message boards and free for all links pages. Please check to see if it is ok to post your info there first, and in which category, and anywhere else before posting there. If you “Spam”, you risk losing your internet service provider, and possibly your web host with all of your web content. It’s just not worth the trouble.

7) Another way of promoting your site is to add your web site address to your business cards, and/or make up flyers and posters. Don’t forget to get permission before you post anything anywhere. If you have other web sites, add a banner and/or link to your “Pillow” site there. Make a t-shirt with your “Pillow” graphic and web address on it (on both sides of the t-shirt) for yourself to wear. If you want, add your “Pillow” graphic logo and web address to different products like baseball caps and coffee mugs, and give them away as promotional items. Buy an ad on a bus stop, or a small classified ad in the local paper, or radio ad, etc. How about getting two of those “12 inch x 12 inch” sticky, bendable, removable, flat, “magnet ads” made up at your local printing store to put on the sides of your vehicle’s doors. When you drive around the city, every body will see your web site ad and when you get to your destination, simply take the sign off until you leave again. How about putting one of your “Pillow” flyers or small posters on the inside of your vehicle’s rear side glass areas. Just make sure it doesn’t obscure your vision. The idea is to use your creativity here.

8) I hope these pointers are of good use to you. Good luck with your online web business!!!

Benefits of Directory Submission Services-----

There are so many criterions that search engines follow to determine a site’s rank for certain key or search words. One of these includes links to the site. The page rank of a site is directly related to the number of links it has. The more links you have pointed to your site, with some variation of the key phrase you want to rank high for, the better ranking in the search engines you will receive.

Relationship between directory submissions and search engine rankings

One way links and search engine rankings have a great cause and effect relationship. Think of it as a business referral system. The business with the more referrals is most popular and hence, search engines rank them higher. The reason behind it, as many put it, is that the more links you have, higher are the chances of a visitor coming to your site through these links!

Again, the search engines send out spiders to the links they find in the directory pages. This will bring the search engine spiders to your site and will get your site pages added to the search engines indexes automatically.
In future, the new search engines will also follow the same procedure. Hence, you won’t have to register to them, rather they will find you themselves!

You can also improve your sales!

Again, many people actually do surf these directories to look for the things they want. So they will also act as a medium to bring in your prospective customer to your site.
Thus directory submission has three major benefits, which makes it indispensable tool of online marketing.

1. Higher Position In The Search Engine Results
2. Web Site Indexed
3. Click Through Traffic

So that is something one should focus on if they are interested in increasing the rankings and traffic of their site. Many sites who offer submission service, claim to submit your link in more than 75000 directories (mind you, few even claim the figure to be around 7,00,000!). But one should remember that submitting a link and getting it listed in the directory is not the same thing. It is like an auction, you don’t win merely by bidding. Others will just bid for you, but we at, will make sure that your bid is a success. We will try our level best to insure a high rate of acceptance. We also assure you that the process will not be much time consuming and the results will start pouring in within a fortnight.

Best deals with the Muslim online community!----

The Internet–definitely one of the greatest inventions of the modern world! We are constantly facing its expansion, seeing how every day more and more cultures are absorbed into this amazing whirlpool or technology. No matter if you are part of an Islam community, Arabic or Jewish you are granted to find a wide variety of information available. Searching for specific subjects has been simplified by innovative search engines, destined to provide you with the exact info you need and nothing more.

This is why, today you can search comfortably for details related to the Muslim online community and find just what you wanted in the first place.

Given the advances of the World Wide Web and of the Internet technology in general, people were worried that the traditional Yellow Pages would not last. Still, not only they have lasted by they have become available online. The one downside is the multitude of information presented there, which makes it difficult for those who are new at this to perform an exact search. Thus, smaller local online Muslim search engines have maintained their popularity as well and statistics indicate that they will become even more popular in the near future. The categories are distinctly displayed, encompassing fields that are widely searched for online – economics, banking, computers and doctors.

If you are in urgent need of a reliable chiropractor and you want to find one in your vicinity, consider these online Muslim directories. They have various medical specialists listed under diverse categories and all can be located in your area. Type in the specialty you are interested in or the city you are from – in just a couple of seconds you will be offered with all the available practitioners nearby. The best deals, free coupons and many other exciting opportunities are brought right to you by these local online Muslim listings. You just have to take your time and search for the information you need – regardless of it being related to clothing, dermatology or day care centers.

It does not matter the city in which you live – Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles or Washington – as you have access to information related to all those areas and even more. You can search for affordable places where you can purchase cars from, latest movies at the theater around the corner or the best restaurants in town. Anything related to the online Muslim community you are bound to find there and even more. You can find the address of a beauty parlor that is close to you, computer training centers and a decorator to renovate your home. As it was already mentioned, you can seek out the address and other details or day care centers to take care of your kids and allow you have some free time.

Every time you perform a search on the Internet you are given endless results and you cannot know for sure which one is suitable. If you go with local online Muslim listings, you will have access to organized information and find everything you need in a shorter period of time. It might be just a ticket to the movies, coupons or classifieds – but they are there for you to find them and you can always rate them after your own pleasure. Other users will see your reviews and feel more inclined to use such services – that you can be sure of! After all, you would be convinced to use a product or the services of a company if you saw that other people have given them a five-star rating!

Best online directories------

Is well known that above all DMOZ directory is the best online directory. DMOZ, also known as The Open Directory Project (ODP), is a large, categorized directory of websites and pages, which is staffed by volunteers. Every website and page that is added to the directory has to be manually reviewed before it is included. Being listed in the directory is free.

But when you try to list your site in DMOZ you are in trouble. After you add your site an editor will approved it ... or not. And this can take months, even years.

So what is the solution ?
A good alternative until your site is listed to DMOZ is to submit your site to online free web directories. Submitting site to online free web directories will fast increase your PageRank. PageRank is an integral part of Google's ranking algorithm, and higher PageRank helps towards higher rankings. The PageRank within a website is increased by pages from other sites linking to it, and the higher the PageRank of the pages that link to it, the better it is for the receiving site.

When submitting a site to online free web directories, always take time to find the right category for it. Don't be tempted to submit it to a category that is higher up the tree than it belongs, because it won't be accepted there and, doing so, could cause unnecessary, self-induced delays.

Best Web Marketing Services at JaredsDirect----

The website design business has improved to become a very important part of the web nowadays. More and more people are looking to advance the use of the Internet as a promotion tool to web develop or showcase their businesses. This said, not every business will become successful on the Internet. If you take a close look, most of the websites which have excellent web design structures and features make more money. Your website is either related to a business, diversion, or a charity. This classification will help you choose if sales, design, or both should have the final say.
This is easy to understand. People like a good quality service and an easy to use, error free system. Good web design solutions enable such websites to attain their goals successfully, hence becoming successful. Different web design features play different roles to determine how people perceive them. As such, it is very important to have a user-friendly navigational menu. If your website has a lot of pages, it is crucial that you use good web design techniques to create a navigation which is very structured. In other words, your web design solutions have to enable the visitor to find the pages he or she wants very quickly.
An SEO web design is a theory for a site which uses large architectural design values based on the Internet. The design should be able give out the information that the user is seeking and at the same time be easily read across many if not all browsers. This is part of search engine optimization because the SEO web designer should also be able to suit robotic crawlers and spiders in their quest for information regarding the website and other data.
These are highly scalable managed hosting plans that you can develop with. From necessary managed semi-dedicated hosting solutions through to high performance load-balanced dedicated server solutions to support your large-scale, task critical applications, along with other CMS, e-commerce, and Web applications.
Web Hosting Document exchange Standards, Components of Web publishing, Document Management, Web Page Design Consideration and Principles, Search Engines, How to register a Website on Search Engines, Publishing Tools.
Our Network Engineers constantly supervise and evaluate our shared and dedicated web hosting solutions. With years of knowledge managing dynamically generated web sites, we have the know-how to get the absolute best performance possible from our servers and network.
Customers can easily and quickly be moved between our different hosting solutions as their site needs grow and change. A client can easily migrate from simple managed shared web hosting all the way up to a complex load-balanced dedicated web server solution seamlessly. Likewise, our web hosting clusters can be upgraded and additional servers added at any time, allowing us to scale and increase cluster capacity without affecting uptime or performance during your growth.
Webmasters are often told that publishing more online content, on a usual basis is a superior formula for success on the internet. A deep, content-rich website boosts search rankings, positions your business as a trusted resource, and even helps raise sales.
Web Development at Jared’s Direct, is seen as a holistic brand optimization, professional website development and promotion. Our website development company integrates numbers, creativity and technology to create lasting brands. We are a software development company based in New York.
We create customized Software and website designs, best graphic design, Link Building, search engine traffic, Website Development Services & dedicated web hosting. We promise to provide you the best Services.
Our excellence in service can help you transform your website into a more successful online business.

Boost Your Business With Free Web Promotion---

Whether you are starting a new business or operating on a budget, you cannot go wrong with free web promotion. The truth is that not everyone has an expense account to justify an aggressive advertising campaign. Many businesses, especially web-based, outline marketing as their largest expense. However, free web promotion has changed the way that everyone looks at advertising.

The best way to gain free web promotion is through the use of press releases, which highlight upcoming news, events and headlines regarding your company. In order to write an effective press release, your business must be involved in something noteworthy. Whether it be a contest, a grand opening, a special sale or other event, a press release is the perfect way to advertise your business happenings for free. There are a number of press release submission websites, which allow business owners to submit their news for free. In addition, submitting your press release to newspaper and magazine editors may increase your chances of being published both online and in print. Before sending a press release, which should be no more than one page in length, make sure that your name, mailing address and telephone number is included at the top of the page. Many editors require that contact information be present before they will even consider publishing a press release. The reasoning behind this is to confirm the identity of the person submitting the news.

Web promotion can perhaps best be utilized through successful positioning on internet search engines. By making sure that your website content is rich with information, links and updated information, search engines will be more likely to position your site among the top ranks. In addition, a descriptive website will also find it’s way to the top. For example, if your business deals with collectibles, make sure that your content is rich in keywords dealing with collectibles and the product line that you offer. Avoid stuffing keywords, but make sure that your website clearly indicates it’s subject matter.

One of the best avenues for web promotion is through article marketing. While many website owners are still somewhat unfamiliar with this approach, others are cashing in on a surge of traffic generated from properly marketing their articles. The key to successful web promotion via article marketing is to write an informative article that everyone will want to read. At the bottom of the article, include a brief paragraph featuring your name, the name of your business and a website address. The next step is to submit your article to as many article directories as possible. The more exposure, the better. As other webmasters log on to article directories in search of content for their website, they may select your article to be featured on their site. The more webmasters that feature your work, the more free web promotion your business will receive.

There are a number of ways to acquire paid marketing opportunities and an equal, or greater, number of ways to get free web promotion. If done correctly, web promotion doesn’t have to empty the entire expense account. In some cases, it won’t even cost you a cent.

Breaking Down And Analyzing Your Design-----

What a graphic designer usually does is to mix all the basic ingredients to reflect a particular mood or style in any color printing ad they create. The fonts, the graphic images, the design as well as the color – all of these elements are combined to come up with an ad that would definitely get your target readers’ attention.

And it all boils down to what your readers feel and say about your ad. It’s all about their reaction and impression on the style you chose for your ad, as well as the way you conveyed your message to them.

That’s your design palette – where you mix altogether your elements to draw your readers into your ad. It may be the subtle type where your readers are drawn to your design with no effort at all. The design is so simple and subtle that your readers won’t even realize that they’re into your ad already. The other one, the more aggressive type, is more obvious, as the design usually directs your attention to the key message. There’s nothing to distract or confuse your readers from what is really important, which is your message.

If you choose to apply the more aggressive style in your design, first of all, you need to provide a typeface that is ‘clean, readable, and with quiet strength’ as another designer would suggest. This means that your choice of font does its job efficiently, and yet it doesn’t overshadow all the other elements in your ad. And remember that when you want to put a lot of information in your color printing campaign, be sure to include a distinctive typeface that is neutral as it easily packs your details in a small space without making it look busy and disorderly.

In terms of your colors, by putting a limit to your use would ensure that you provide subtleness to your design and draw your readers’ attention to the ideas and concepts that you would want to be emphasized. This is particularly true with your photographs. If you want to show a certain concept on that, you’re better off limiting your color use.

Your photos and images also provide your readers with the idea you would want to convey. Depending on different design factors such as layering, opacity, and transparency, you can make your images look more dramatic and striking.

The bottom line is that you include that extra attention to the details of your design. It doesn’t matter whether you want it subtle or straight-forward. What would make your ad effective are the features and factors you add in your size, color, in your choice of image and photos, and so forth.

Brochure Creation For Dummies----

As my chosen title suggests, this is an article intended to give marketing amateurs a simplified step-by-step process on how to come up with a brochure that might not be the most spectacular marketing piece anyone's ever come up with, but one that's effective enough to drive the point.

Brochures are commonly known as those folded pieces of paper stacked together on the front desk, in the lobby of a restaurant or hotel, or handed out during trade shows and storefronts. Simply put, brochures are very accessible to the public. The challenge, and also the goal we're going for, is how do you make a brochure effective enough so that it won't end up in the trash?

Let's break it down to small parts.

First off, what is the nature of your business and who is your target market?
With the awareness of who your target readers are, the next step would be to think of the possible questions your readers might have. Some examples would be: what services do they provide, how much is it, do they have a website, can I buy online, is it a walk-in type of store and so on. It is also best to arrange the answers in the same sequence your reader might be asking those questions.

Knowing who your target audience is will help you narrow down possible designs you could use for your brochure. For instance, if your target market is young people, you might want to do a bit of research on the latest design trends or concepts out there. As an example, I've noticed a lot of vector art designs lately (just think iPod). It is always good to incorporate a concept or identity onto your design that would set you apart from the rest. What about trying a different shape for a change? A different folding style perhaps? Use your creativity and imagination. A different paper stock? Most brochure printing companies have various brochure stocks and other brochure options available now. The possibilities are endless!

Secondly, how do you entice the reader to turn the page and keep reading?
Don't put all your eggs in one basket—in this case, one page. Try not to stuff everything on the front page. Play around with tactical methods on how to spread out information on each page to get your readers hooked long enough to look at all faces of your brochure.

Keep your statements brief yet concise. Organize your words and lines such that they impart your ideas within as much as a 2-second glance. Use your business' selling points as headlines. This will encourage your reader to want to know more and read the supporting details you have provided.

Lastly, how do you make your reader pocket your brochure?
Based on the nature of your business, you can provide helpful tips or information that people can use as reference even if they don't purchase your product or service. For instance, if you're making a brochure for a hair salon, you could probably provide a chart of hairstyles that go with different face shapes.

As an overall finish for your brochure, make sure whatever text or design or tag line you think about printing there, leaves your reader confident about your business.

Build it and they will come…Yea Right!----

It amazes me, people still believe that all they have to do is “build it and they will come“. I promise that is the only movie quote that I will use. Having personally developed well over 100 websites since 1997 I am always stunned by people complaining that there website is a failure and blaming the person who built it. Having a website is only half the battle! You must promote, promote, and then promote some more. No matter how great your product is no one can buy it unless they know about it.

First let me say that having someone develop a custom website for you is very important. Go cheap and buy a prefab website is usually a prelude to failure. Yes they are affordable and I know you are on a tight budget but never forget “You Get What You Pay For”.

Now to the point. There is a simple formula for success. Spend money = make money. Sounds easy right?
First figure out what you can afford to pay a developer for your website, if you have a product to sell you should be thinking in the $1000 range. Also find a developer who believes in web standards, trust me this is important.

Next figure out a monthly advertising budget and spend it wisely. This is by far the most import advice I can give. Your website is not going to shoot to the top of the search engines or miraculously develop visitors all on its own. While we are on the topic of search engines, keep in mind that a person on the web only has a 4% chance of winding up on your website through a search engine. Most likely they will find your site while browsing on another website. Your best bet, if you can afford it, is to hire a reputable firm to promote your website. They will know what will work and what is a waste of money. If you can not afford to hire a firm, do your do diligence before spending your money. Only advertise on websites that are relevant to your product otherwise you are wasting your money.

This leads to our third point. Believe in the power of link exchange. I do not care what it will do for you in the search engines. The more links you have out their the greater the likely hood that someone will click that link and wind up on your website. If you are on a tight budget this is the best way to promote your website.

This article only covers the basics. Keep an eye out for part two which will have more detail about internet promotion.

Build Your Site Around Your Resources - Resource Advertising For Your Site----

We all collect resources online to give to our visitors. Why not, it gives an added bonus to your site. What we want to do is use as many resources to our advantage. Advertise your business around your resources and gain major exposure.

Most websites out there are utilizing resources to enhance their website functionality, the only thing that we don't see being implemented is promotion by means of self advertising You’re giving your visitors some great resources, then why not advertise your business within those resources?

Advertising With Your Own Resources:

If you reprint articles on your site, you could use those articles to advertise your business. The reason you do this is simple, adding articles on your site is going to increase your traffic, right? Then once your articles start to get good traffic from search engines on their own, people will come into your site directly from that article. You want to make sure they know who's hosting this article. This is a great time to start promoting specials that you may have.

Consider Yourself Your Best Advertiser:

Do you host a resource directory? Maybe your company does link swapping, maybe you just like to give your visitors some great resource websites within your industry. Always make sure that your link is above the rest. Make sure that your company is listed #1. It doesn't even have to be about your front page only. Be creative, spice up what you list within your own resource listings.

The Whole Point Is This:

Many of your resource pages are going to get traffic directly from elsewhere. Just because these resources are on your site isn't enough exposure for your business. You want to advertise as much as possible for yourself without being too pushy or offensive.

Banner Advertising Was Never Dead:

For a long time, they said that banner advertising was dead. Some still do. I said then and I still say now, banner advertising works as long as it's implemented properly. Adding a small banner above all your articles and resource directories isn't a bad thing. Adding 5 on one page can be somewhat excessive and too pushy. Try creating banners that relate to the resources in mind. This will in turn create an additional resource for search engines and visitors.

Your Homework:

Sometime tonight, right now even, take a peek at your website again and look for areas in which you can add a small piece of advertising for your business. If you don't have any resources, shame on you, create something right away and implement some advertising for yourself.

Till Next Time, Stay Creative & Grow Every Day!

Bottom line is no one is here to hold your hand. We can only sit back and watch to see what you feel is appropriate to present your business, your family name, and your honor. Improving your site brings greatness to your work. If not now, maybe later.

My Promise To You:

If you improve your entire site tonight, tomorrow will be a great day for your business. It will have undergone a well deserved face lift that brought life into the picture. You will feel better about yourself and where you are going.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

Building Solid Traffic With Backlinks----

Many coaches put up web sites with the hope of getting clients from the Web. What usually happens is they get nothing.

Here’s the reason.

A web site isn’t an ad. No one “peruses” web sites in some “web site newspaper.” In fact, no one will go to your site unless you specifically invite them. A web site actually needs advertising.

You need to build traffic to your site.

There are a lot of great ways to do this and one terrific way is with backlinks.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link FROM another site TO your site.

For example, if you are a member of Coachville, and someone is looking for a coach, then it is possible that this person sees your listing in the “Find a Coach” section and clicks a link to your web site.

This is a backlink from Coachville to your site.

Backlinks are also referred to as “in-bound links” and sometimes can be called “reciprocal links.”

Many of the links that coaches have on their web site are designed to take visitors from the coach’s web site to other web sites. These are usually located in a link section or a resources section. These are also called “forward links” or “outbound links.”

The important thing to note is that a backlinks bring visitors TO your site. Once visitors come to your web site, you can turn them into clients, product sales, newsletter subscribers, commissions and more.

So why are backlinks totally awesome?

Firstly, the obvious, is direct traffic to your site. This traffic can be cashed in for clients or sales.

Secondly, when done right, “backlinking” can sky-rocket your search engine rankings and thus result in even more traffic.


From the eyes of search engines, your “site’s worth” increases when the number of backlinks increases. Each backlink raises the popularity of your web site.

It’s like being the popular kid in school. The more kids who know you, the more popular you are.

What does this lead to?

When people put the phrase “life coach” into a search engine, for the most part, the sites with higher popularity will come up first.

Thirdly, backlinks can create consistent traffic.

Sending out newsletters and giving talks often bring you immediate “bursts” of traffic.
Bursts of traffic are great, but require you to make those additional efforts in order to continue to get that traffic.

Backlinking builds a steady, consistent, and predictable stream of traffic that keeps coming without additional work. You can confidently expect the same number of visitors each month.

Fourthly is the snowball-effect.

Creative backlinking strategies can create a situation where your web site is attracting backlinks without you doing any work at all. It’s like a snowball going down-hill that continues to grow.

Bursting forth from the sandbox to top of the google's rankings----

Introduction to Sandbox

For a considerably long period, Google happened to provide new sites with a temporary boost, known as "fresh boost" or “new site bonus.” But recently this search giant seems to have set a new trend in place for Search Engine Page Rankings (SEPRs). It was found that that Google SERPs of brand new sites turned out to be pretty pathetic after the initial glorious days at the top of the search rankings. This phenomenon is popularly referred to as Google's Sandbox.

Google's Sandbox is like a quicksand

Though “Sandbox” sounds pretty pleasant, it very much resembles a quicksand than a playground as suggested by its name to many web professionals.

When a new website is indexed in Google, it gets propelled to the top of the SERPs charts for a short yet glorious time, and then, slides downhill only to be buried deeply in the sand at Google. In other words, Google's Sandbox is about a brand new website being placed on probation, or a hiatus or in a moratorium and kept lower than expected in searches, before being given full value for its incoming links and content.

How does it affect the website?

The Google's Sandbox is said to be a filter placed on new websites to discourage spam sites from rising quickly, getting banned, and repeating the process. Websites in the Sandbox does not receive good rankings for its most important keywords and keyword phrases. The new website will be there in the result pages, but it does not rank well no matter how much original, well optimized the content is and how many quality inbound links the site does have.

Which sorts of websites are vulnerable to be mired in the Sandbox?

While all types of sites can be placed in the Sandbox barring a few exceptions. The problem appears grave for new websites seeking rankings for highly competitive keyword phrases. More competitive keyword driven Websites seeking rankings in highly competitive searches are likely to be in for a much longer duration.

How long does a site remain buried in the Sandbox?

Hiatus in the Sandbox varies from one to six months, with three to four months being the average stay time frame. It has been observed that less competitive searches are given the much shorter stay, whereas hyper-competitive keywords often get sojourn in the sand for six months. The most frequent time of burial is said to be about three months for most search terms.

What distinguishes sites trapped in sand and a Google's penalty?

Sandbox is a Google-only event. Many folks while they see good rankings in Yahoo and MSN Search of their sites mistakenly believe that they have triggered a Google penalty. However this is generally not the case in point.

Sites penalized by Google do not appear in the Google search engine results pages for even the less important searches. Moreover, sites which have invited the wrath of Google show no page rank, and have a grey bar on the Google Toolbar. And none is true in case of sites mired in the Sandbox.

Google's Sandbox: Letting website grow to its natural evolution

Google is looking ahead for Websites that offer quality content. It is an effort to prevent spammers from creating web sites that are just a flash in the pan, and to discourage the violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines which was not an exception in the past, to say the least.

Google's Sandbox has deliberately been instituted to put a check on the use of throw away spam sites to build early traffic, and to slow down the purchase of expired domain names, among other things.

Google continues to strive that its ranking algorithm, inbound links, original content rich with keywords, and the use of anchor text are not tampered with for a short term gain severely affecting its credibility and quality standards. This stand is driven by the vision of Google that Website should grow gradually to its natural evolution.

Getting grounds before getting grounded in Sandbox

Getting grounded in the Sandbox is almost near-universal for sites. So, it is the best to be prepared for the eventuality. Planning ahead to be buried in the Sandbox may lessen the damage, using the time to your best advantage. To keep the Sandbox filter from causing severe harm to your online, and even your offline business, employ the following strategies:

- The sojourn in the sand may be cut short to a degree by purchasing and sending live a website, before it is ready for prime time.

- Make it sure that you add as many incoming links as possible to get keep on adding content to your site. Do anything but increase your site's appearance on the Interner

- Purchase and register a domain name and park it. By so doing, some of the sand time will be run through the Google hourglass, before your site is ready for launch. In the meantime, you can be preparing content when your site goes public

- Plan the time of your website launch to have the Sandbox time period passed off when your site needs high search engines rankings the most. Plan for entering the Sandbox by putting your site live at least three months earlier than expected.

Rising from the moratorium: Key strategies that really works!

All your apprehension and concern apart, your stay in the Sandbox is simply an excellent opportunity to improve upon your site, and enrich it the way Google will never ever refute to accept in the top rankings. You can dig in the sand to carve out a niche in your site optimisation.

Here's how you embark on…

- Use the time in the quicksand to add incoming links to your website whilst you are in Sandbox. Better still, if you can employ a link exchange strategy right at this time.

- Reach out to useful directories as good sources of one-way links, additional Page Rank, and potential visitor traffic. Submitting to the various Internet directories, including The Open Directory Project, is quite advantageous in the long term

- Design and develop promotional and marketing strategies for your website to raise and maintain traffic levels during your hibernation in the sand.

- Building a community, or building strong inbound links through partnerships pays better off. If you establish traffic sources outside of search engines, you will see a welcome increase in your traffic levels once you get out of Sandbox.

- When you got trapped in Google's sand, you may put aside a budget for an Adwords Program, i.e., Google's pay per click advertising program. This will, of course, help you out in getting exposed and promoted on Google as well as many search and contextual partner sites

- Prefer not to discount traffic from other search engines such as Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and MSN, all of which do not seem to have any type of Sandbox. It may work pretty fine because sites that have well "on the page" search engine optimization do very well in these engines.

What do you need the most while in hiatus? Right Strategy Mix, Time and Patience

The Sandbox is not something you are eventually doomed to. It is not the ringing of death knell for your site either. It is not aimed to hold you back from succeeding.

Time and patience are your best friends while faced with this predicament providing that you execute the right strategy mix. You may not need to pull all the hair out of your head. Adding some powerful incoming links, with strong link anchor text, and adding relevant and rich keyword, and fresh content will help your site rise from the Sandbox, sooner than the later.

Cheap Website Promotion In Birmingham----

People are always wanting to attract more visitors to their website. We all would like to see more traffic, however what are the best ways to promote a website, which does not cost an arm and a leg?

1. Pay per click advertising.

Pay per click advertising is becoming more and more popular with programs such as Google adwords reporting bigger profits on a regular basis. This is a way of getting your website on the first or second pages by you paying an advertising fee. You set the amount you are happy to pay per click and when somebody clicks on your ad, you have an extra visitor, however at a cost to you. It is important to remember not to spend more on the pay per click advertising than what you are likely to earn etc.

2. Writing articles.

Writing articles such as this one is a good way of promoting your website. Article websites such as and allow you to submit your articles for free. Other webmasters are able to use your articles on their website which gives you an extra backward link as you are able to add you website address at the bottom of the article. People who are reading the article on the article websites are also potential visitors.

3. Obtaining backward links.

If you are looking to increase your search engine position it is a good idea to try to increase the amount of backward links you have. This is not as easy as it seems as people are not always happy to add a link on their site to your homepage. It is worth making a few phone calls or sending a few e-mails and asking the question, if the person would like to exchange links. It is of more value to have a link from a website in the same type trade of your own.

4. Always include your domain address in advertising.

Wherever you advertise it is important to include your website domain address, and also at the bottom of any e-mails you send.

Copywriting in the Twenty First Century----

In the world of highly developed and advanced technologies promotion, PR and advertising are to seek new methods that have to be side by side with progress to keep interest. With foundation of internet, advertising strategies underwent a real revolution, trying to capture all the opportunities to develop. Nowadays 40% of advertising materials are submitted in the Internet to attract possible customers. Web sites of big industrial corporations and small industries are constantly updated and content changed. Most of work done by web site copywriters is directed on sales of advertised product, service or information. This is where real business starts.

Nowadays people practically live in the Internet, distracted only by natural needs; they continuously spend time in the World Wide Web and live in their virtual world where they have several identities, all possibilities, friends and entertainment. Some of advertising is directed on such people. Attracted by fancy pop-ups, modern design and full information clients place orders online thinking about how rational and convenient this way is. Online copywriting attracts not only Internet obsessed individuals, but also businessmen and large companies that find it easy to use information and services placed online. The most important thing is to remember that they buy taking into consideration not features but benefits.

To use all the modern ways and technologies, one must be a real professional in advertising and psychology. The task of a copywriter is to make a single page text more profitable than a 4x6 billboard downtown. Methods and technologies are numerous but everyone who works in this business is still learning for the strategy is rather young. Creating a “face” of a company is the main aim of a copywriter that works on promotion of a product or a service. Original, keyword rich, content can do more than any magazine article or a sticker. Copywriting is an all powerful marketing strategy that can fulfill advertising mission with 100% quality and efficiency. Advertising is the engine of trade and online trade is getting more and more popular among people nowadays. Major giants in trading world are using copywriting already and they take more and more space in the internet with their advertisements, texts, pop-ups and other things drawing attention of the clients. It is quite obvious that copywriting is a method of twenty first century and will be developing with time.

Different Ways To Get Inbound Links To Your Website----

Inbound link is one of the most important assets in online business. In this article, you will find different linking strategies you can use without spending a fortune.

1.Submit articles to article directories.
It is probably one of the most popular ways of getting inbound links to your site. A few of the article sites where you can submit to are,,, and

Not only article, depend on what you want to promote or the theme of your website, you can also submit your own scripts, images, videos, jokes, 3d models, quotes or other type of works to different websites or directories.

You may need to use different type of works for linking purpose because:

1. you need to show the examples of your works.
2. you have difficulties to create articles related to your products.
3. you have great abillity in creating scripts or other type of works.
4. you have problems in english.
5. and so on.

Some webmasters create scripts where other webmasters can use the scripts as long as they keep certain link that points to the creator's websites.

Try to type in Google or other search engines phrases such as "submit cartoon", "submit movie" if you want to submit your works other than articles.

2. Submitting your site to directories

If your website is directory-worthy, you may try to submit your site to directories. Try to visit to find directories that accept paid or free submission.

2. Posting in forums
Look for forums highly related to your website. You will have the opportunity to place your link in the signature line by participating in forums. Try to participate in's forum. I found that links in my signature is crawled by some popular search engines.

Similar to participating in forums, you can also get inbound link by giving comment on blogs.
3. Creative Commons License
You can apply the Creative Commons License to your site and letting Yahoo discover you. Through the creative commons search engines, your site can get many targeted inbound links.

To find out more about creative common license, you can visit

4. Reciprocal Linking (Link Swaps)
With this strategy, you get links to your site by also giving links from your site to other websites. Although it seems that search engines appreciate one-way inbound links more than reciprocal links, it is still a traffic-producing method you may consider to use. There are a few services available to automate the linking process. Try checking if you want to use this strategy. This well established service allows you to approve or disapprove link exchange requests from other webmasters.

LinkMachine is a reciprocal linking software that could also help you to trade links with other webmasters automatically.

Of course the possibilities of getting inbound links to your website could be endless. Be creative. By doing it successfully, you will be able to get your site listed or boost your position in the search engine and then build enough streams of traffic to your site.

Directory Submission – One Way Link Building----

Since search engine optimization plays such a huge role in the success of web sites, web masters are constantly looking for ways of giving their site a leg-up on the competition. They want to find and use any technique to get their site listed as quickly and as highly as possible on search engines. One highly effective technique that is often overlooked is directory submission. This technique is a great way of achieving one way link building.

So how do you effectively do directory submission? Well, it's not something that is overly easy, but if you know what to do, it'll be as quick and painless as possible. The how-tos are covered in this article on directory submission.

Why Directory Submission?

With the popularity of search engine spiders, computer programs which automatically browse the web looking for sites to add to a search engine, people would think that manual directory submission is no good anymore. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Directory submission is a great tool for web masters. Popular sites like MSN and Yahoo still use directories and users who are looking for sites within a specific genre often use directories as a way of quickly finding only the sites they want to find.

In addition to the fact that directory submission allows specific users to find your site, it also offers to you a unique way of link-building. You see, with directory submission, you are able to link-build without having to pay for your links and without having to return the favor by linking back to the specific site. You are able to have your site listed on a well-known site for free.

Tips for Successful Directory Submission

Directory submission can be easy for those who know what exactly to do. Follow the tips below to make directory submission easy for you.

Tip #1: Complete the Site Before Submitting

If there's anything directory submission people (who are responsible for reviewing sites before adding them) hate, it's sites being submitted to them that are not finished. By submitting an unfinished site to the directory, you're not only setting yourself up for rejection, but you're also making it harder for the eventual finished site to be listed. Always finish the site before submitting.

Tip #2: Make Sure the Site is SEO'd

In other words, make sure your site is search engine friendly and has quality content on it. Make sure the titles of the pages within your site are good (avoid the user of CAPITALIZED letters) and that the layout is user friendly.

Tip #3: Come Up With a Good Description

Don't simply state “this is the best x site on the internet”. Instead, create a good, accurate description for your site. Talk about some of the features. Be as concise as possible and make sure the description is appealing to the directory submissions reviewer and users of the site.

Tip #4: Adequately Fill Out the Form

Many people make the mistake of skipping over forms or not filling them out correctly. Don't make this same mistake. Fill out every single required field, and try to fill out as many of the optional fields as possible.

Tip #5: If There's a Comments Form, Say Thank You

Since actual people are reviewing your site, it's a good idea to thank them for taking the time. If there's a comments field, be sure to say thanks.

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